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Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 28th June 2018 at 7 pm in the Baltasound School, Music Huts


Gordon Thomson, Chair

Claire Priest, Vice Chair

John Peterson

Janice Priest

Raymond Priest

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson


Alec Priest, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

 Frances Browne, Community Learning and Development Officer

Josie McMillan, Clerk                     

01/06/18     Apologies:

Minnie Mouatt

Duncan Simpson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Ryan Thomson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Michael Duncan, Community Council Liaison Officer

PC Simon Findlay

02/06/18     Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 28th May 2018 were approved, proposed by Claire, seconded by Hazel.   

03/06/18     NAFC - Shetland Islands’ Marine Regional Planning Partnership – Rachel Shucksmith and Michele Kerry

Michele Kerry, North Atlantic Fisheries College, emailed to cancel their talk to the Community Council tonight.  Rachel Shucksmith’s car had broken down earlier in the day and caught fire resulting in the loss of all the materials that had been prepared for the Community Council meeting.  They would like to reschedule for a later date.  The Clerk will email them with the date of the next meeting.

04/06/18     Matters Arising from last minutes

08/07/16.1 Lund Kirkyard Road

The Community Council’s application for Community Development Funding (CDF) for the provision of a grid on the Lund road was unsuccessful.  Michael Duncan, SIC Community Council Liaison Officer, wrote to say that the CDF budget for the third round of bidding had been oversubscribed.   The Community Council have applied to Cooke Aquaculture Community Fund for funding towards this. This will be discussed at their meeting on the 12th July 2018.

12/10/12.2  Festive Timetable

The Clerk emailed Maggie Sandison, SIC Chief Executive, a copy of the correspondence about this.  She emailed Michael Craigie and copied it to Craig Robertson and Ian Pearson, SIC Ferries, but there has still been no reply.  The Clerk will email them all again.

10/11/17.3  Scrap Cars

Shetland Amenity Trust can now collect any scrap car.  Cars that are collected by Autogreen still need to be registered with them.  These are then collected by Jim’s Garage, although Henderson’s have also collected some of these vehicles.  If for any reason Autogreen will not collect a car registered on their system, it can then be collected by Shetland Amenity Trust.  In the past few weeks there have been about 10 cars removed.  Patti Dinsdale, SIC Environmental Health, spoke about abandoned cars at the Association of Shetland Community Council meeting on Tuesday 26th June 2018.  Abandoned cars fall under the remit of the Environmental Health Department. 

08/01/18.3  Ferry Matters – Single Vessel Timetable on Yell Sound

There were more complaints to the Community Council about the single vessel service running on Yell Sound last week.  The single vessel ran to the timetable resulted in cars queuing up past the shop in Yell and up past the toilets and bend in the road at Toft.  The volume of traffic is increasing with the number of tourists traveling to the North Isles.  There are a lot of concerns about what would happen if it goes to a single vessel service during UnstFest.  It was agreed to put a petition in the shop to ask the community to sign if they are concerned about this as well.  It was agreed to keep it to a single question just about this to gauge the response.  There was a discussion about asking for a change to the Bluemull Sound Timetable, from 2100 at Gutcher to 2105.  This would make a better connection with the 2015 from Toft.  The Clerk will email about this.

08/04/18.1  HIAL Parking Charges

Gordon said that there was a representative from HIAL at the ASCC meeting on Tuesday night.  He said there would be a delay in the start of parking charges at Sumburgh Airport.  “Inter-Island Car Park Exemptions” forms can be downloaded from SumbAdmin@hial.co.uk or collected from Sumburgh Airport.

08/04/18.6  Da Voar Redd Up

There are still a few forms to come in for this.

08/04/18.8  Training Session – Make a Difference - Reducing Loneliness and Isolation in Shetland

Yell Community Council members are interested in doing this training.  They will look at dates and let Unst Councillors know so that they have the option of attending.  There has to be 8 people before the course will run.  Fiona Robertson delivered this training at Nordalea earlier in the month. 

08/05/18.1  Shetland Space Centre Meeting 15th May 2018

There has been no date set for the public meeting.  Frank Strang said that he has been really busy working on Space Centre matters.  There should be an announcement next week as to where the preferred site will be.  Alec said that there are a lot of private companies interested in using the Space Centre.  Frances asked if the Community Council and community of Unst should be looking at and planning the developments on Unst in a way that benefits Unst.  Looking at what is important to the community and what developments are needed.  The Space Centre and related industries could bring about massive changes to Unst, with a lot of work and activity going on.  Alec said that this is an expanding industry.  At present there are around 1500 operational satellites which will increase to between 22000 and 25000 in the future. The proposed site will have environmental and other assessments carried out before it can go ahead.  There was a discussion about contacting other communities where there has been a big industry moving in to find out their experiences.

08/05/18.2  Windfarm Consultation Group

Hazel attended this meeting in Cullivoe on Wednesday 13th June 2018.  She said that Paul Riddell has stood down as a director.  The main discussions had been about the series of Roadshows planned for Unst, Yell and Fetlar.  Gordon attended the roadshow in Sellafirth hall.  He said that the number of windmills had been reduced from 63 to 50 and that there was maybe a possibility of them being reduced further.  There will be more consultations in the future.

08/05/18.4  Clerk’s Meeting and Further Community Council Training

Michael Duncan, Community Council Liaison Officer, has forwarded the information from the training session.  There is information about the General Data Protection Register (GDPR).  All Clerks must complete spreadsheets about what information it holds and in what format to comply with the new regulations.  These have to be completed and sent to Michael Duncan by the 3rd August 2018.  There is also information about recruitment and election for the forthcoming Community Council elections in November.  There will be a publicity campaign over the summer to encourage more people to stand for election.  There is also a “Community Council Membership Profile” document which has to be completed and returned to Mr Duncan by the 3rd August 2018.  There will be templates circulated shortly for Community Council minutes and accounts.  Mr Duncan also explained that there are two additional documents being prepared: - an Induction pack and an ASCC/Community Council Complaints Procedure.  The next Clerk’s meeting is scheduled for November.

Gordon asked Alec if there was anything he would like to bring up before he left to catch the ferry.  Alec said that although there has been a lot of disruption to ferries on Yell Sound he has had no one from Unst complaining to him as a Councillor.  He said that if anyone has any complaints or concerns they should contact him about this.  Alec said that Scottish Government will not be able to carry on funding ferries in the long term so will have to look at fixed links.  He said that there will hopefully be an announcement about the Space Centre next week.  The first satellite launches are planned to take place in 2020.  There was a discussion about broadband, Frances said that Douglas Irvine, SIC, is putting in another bid for a broadband project in the North Isles.

05/06/18     Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Gordon said that the Community Asset Transfer has been agreed by HIE; this is the first one to be completed by them.  UP are waiting now for the conveyancing to be done by their solicitor.  It is hoped to have the second-hand shop opened by August and a part time Development worker employed on a year’s contract.  There is a skip day on Saturday 30th June 2018.  There was so much demand for the last one that UP has scheduled this one and are cancelling one of the winter ones, 3rd November 2018. 

06/06/18     Community Involvement Update

Frances said that she has been working on Locality Planning, with a lot of things going on behind the scenes.  The Council is hoping to move forward with things that can be achieved quickly.  Frances has sent in the Community Council’s list of issues which have been discussed lately.  

07/06/18     Applications for Planning

07/06/18.1  Install small turbine near Shirva, Uyeasound by Britwind

There were no objections.

07/06/18.2  Install two replacement 33kV submarine electricity cables – Scottish Hydro Electric

Works Licence Application Ref: 2018/014/WL

Proposal: To install two replacement 33kV submarine electricity cables

Location: Point Of Grimsetter (Yell) To Ness Of Wadbister (Unst), Bluemull Sound

Applicant: Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution plc

Date of Advertisement: 15th June 2018

Officer: John Rosie

There were no objections.

08/06/18     Community Council Finances

07/04/18.1  Community Council Accounts

The accounts have now been audited by Voluntary Action Shetland and sent to Michael Duncan, Community Council Liaison Officer. He is happy that both SIC grants have been fully accounted for.

07/04/18.2  Community Development Fund – Third Round

The Community Council application for funding towards a grid for Lund Road was unsuccessful.  This round of funding was oversubscribed.

09/06/18     A.O.C.B.

09/06/18.1  SIC – Proposed changes to Bus and Ferry Timetables in August 2018

An email was received from Michael Criagie, ZetTrans, outlining proposed changes to Bus and Ferry Timetables starting in August. He states that these changes are being proposed “following the introduction of the new common timetable for secondary education, the practicalities of the changes to the school day have been examined in line with increasing numbers of students choosing the new Anderson High School as their place of study, rather than their catchment school.”  Members said that there isn’t a common School timetable now. Unst, Yell and Whalsay are operating different timetables.  Yell Community Council copied Unst into its reply saying that the timetables are being changed to fit in with one section of the SIC changing its working hours.  And that there should be public consultation regarding the proposed changes before a full impact assessment can be meaningful. The implication of changing the ferry timetables will impact on some shift works from Unst who will need to leave earlier in the morning.  There was a query about how the extra times would be fitted into the ferry crew’s working day.  Will the extra time in the morning have to be cut later in the day or will they be paid overtime for it?  It was felt that making these minor changes to the ferry and bus timetable will impact on a lot of other services.  And until they are made public it will not be fully known how they will affect users.  The Clerk will email Michael Craigie about this.

09/06/18.2  Itinerary for visit by Maggie Sandison, SIC Chief Executive 9th July 2018

The Community Council will meet with Maggie Sandison at 1.30pm after she has visited Brucehall and Nordalea.  It was decided to meet in the Music Huts, from there they will give her a tour of the School and Leisure Centre.  There was a discussion about issues that they would raise with Ms Sandison when she is Unst.

09/06/18.3  Energy Isles Ltd - North Isles Meetings

There have been a series of Public Exhibitions in the North Isles.  There were 25 people who attended the meeting in Uyeasound.  Energy Isles will be submitting a planning application for a windfarm in North Yell in 2019.  Information leaflets have been sent out to all households in the North Isles.

09/06/18.4  Voluntary Action Shetland – Annual Review 2017/2018

This was noted.

09/06/18.5  Scottish Government Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) Event- Inverness

There is an event in Inverness which Laurence Odie, Yell Community Council, passed on information to Gordon about.  The aim of the event is to introduce and discuss finance options for communities investing in shared ownership projects.  Gordon is unable to attend but has asked Laurence for an update if he is able to go.

09/06/18 18.6  Policing Report

There was a Police Report from PC Simon Finlay.  There had only been one reported incident in Unst.  There has been no further word about the sale of the Police House.

09/06/18.7  ASCC Meeting 26-06-18

Gordon attended this meeting.  Several of the items discussed there are mentioned earlier in these minutes.  Core Paths was on the agenda.  There was a discussion about the footpath from Nikkavord Lea to the School which has been spoken about for many years.  It was agreed to propose this to Sustrans as a scheme for Unst.

09/06/18.8  Roads

There were two road issues raised.  The Hannigarth road which is in a poor state and the road in towards the Uyeasound Lighthouse, known locally as the “Pump Road”.  This road is used by 5 households.  Water stands on the road, it doesn’t drain away.  There are parts of the road that has sunk leaving high bits in the middle of the road, that scraps the bottom of low cars.

09/06/18.9  Community Ferry Bookings

There are two community ferry hires booked for July, the 14th and 22nd.  But the booking office are not taking bookings for these ferries.  The Clerk will contact Fiona Farquhar and find out about this.

09/06/18.10  Haroldswick Playpark

The Clerk is to contact Magnus Malcomson to say that the rusty pole in the Haroldswick playpark has not been replaced.  We contacted them about this before.

09/06/18.11 Easting Kirkyard

The grass in the kirkyard has not been cut in months.  The Clerk will contact William Spence, SIC, about this. 

09/06/18.12  Unst Community Health Support Group

Hazel Sutherland and Lisa Watt are attending the next meeting of this group.  One of the items they will be discussing is the health questionnaire which was carried out last year.  There was also a discussion about the cost of locums covering Unst.  These locums have to do out of hours cover when they are here.  On the mainland of Shetland out of hours cover is usually covered by one doctor.

The next meeting date will be set on Monday 20th August 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School

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