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Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6th June 2016 at 7 pm in the Baltasound School, Music Huts



Gordon Thomson

Pat Burns

Minnie Mouatt

John Peterson

Janice Priest

Raymond Priest

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson



Robert Henderson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Josie McMillan, Clerk     

01/06/16    Apologies:

Claire Priest

Gary Cleaver, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Steven Coutts, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

02/06/16    Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 25th April 2016 were approved.

03/06/16    Matters Arising from last minutes

08/10/15.4  Musical Boat and Sign, Belmont

Gordon spoke to Lesley Gray, North Isles Youth Development Worker, about the sign at Belmont.  She has been applying to various companies for funding as the cost of getting the sign printed on more permanent material is around £3000.  She hopes to have enough funding in place to get this done shortly.

08/01/16  8.1  Lund Kirkyard

William Spence, SIC Executive Manager Environmental Services, emailed to say that he had met with Maggie Sandison, Head of Infrastructure Services, to discuss the problem of sheep getting into the kirkyard at Lund.  They have decided to put a wire on top of the wall around the Sandison burial area.  It will be similar to what is in place on the wall of the old graveyard. The SIC need to get brackets made up but are hoping to get started as soon as possible.  Mr Spence is hoping that this will solve the continuing problem of sheep getting into the yard and leaving it in a mess.  Robert had followed this up on behalf of the Community Council.  He had spoken to Maggie Sandison and Dennis Johnson, tenant of the land, it was agreed that because the SIC had put in the road down to the kirkyard it was their responsibility to repair and maintain it.  Robert agreed to monitor the progress of this as it has been ongoing for months now.

07/03/16.5  Summer Timetable

The Clerk will email Craig Robertson, Head of Ferries Department, about changing the 2105 from Toft to Ulsta to 2115. 

07/04/16.5  Maintenance of Playparks and Picnic Benches

Magnus Malcolmson, Team Leader Leisure Facilities, replied to our queries.  He said that the 3 play areas are in excellent condition but he plans to do various items of maintenance to the areas over the summer months. These works will include cleaning up and painting both swing frames at Uyeasound; replacing the worn seats on the spring see-saw at Haroldswick and replacing the shackles on the swings, plus clean up and paint the swing frame at Haroldswick.  Mr Malcolmson agreed that access to the Uyeasound Playpark isn’t ideal now, but there are gates at the top and bottom of the play area. He will speak to the grass cutting contractors and get them to cut a path from the bottom gate towards the pier.  He says that this is not ideal but may be helpful.  The Clerk also emailed about the state of the Baltasound swing sets, which are both back to the bare wood and desperately need to be painted.  This wasn’t mentioned in Mr Malcolmson first schedule of planned maintenance.  It was agreed to ask a contractor to varnish the four picnic benches, which were donated by Scottish water.

07/04/16.9  Shetland Amenity Trust - Tourist Sign at Easting, Core Paths - Easting and Woodwick

There has been no reply from Shetland Amenity Trust about the tourist sign at the Easting, which is damaged, making it difficult to read the information.  The Clerk will email again about this and also about the information sign at Greenwalls booth, Uyeasound, which is getting very difficult to read.  The Clerk will contact Kevin Serginson about the stiles which are damaged at the Easting. There are two grey boxes, used as people counters, which were attached to a stile which are now broken and lying on the ground.  Some stiles are difficult to use because the ground at the bottom of the stile has been flattened with use, making the step-up too high.    Mr Serginson emailed to say that he has just signed agreements with National Trust for Scotland to allow the SIC to develop a route to Woodwick as a formal access route.  The intention would be that eventually when the core path plan is reviewed this path would be proposed to become a core path.  He explained that to get agreement for a formal route, the route will be different to the existing route used in that it will take a drier and more direct route and avoids a lambing park. The existing dilapidated stiles will be removed.  Mr Serginson explains that the works will be carried out early this summer with improvement of the turning head at Houll for limited car parking, finger posts and self-closing gates leading to Woodwick.

07/04/16.10  Skidbladner and Longhouse

The Clerk is to write to Shetland Amenity Trust to ask if “No Parking” signs could be put up beside the road close to the Skidladner.  Cars parking here with people getting in and out isn’t safe for them nor for other drivers passing the parked cars. 

04/06/16    Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Gordon explained that the tourist map will be available shortly.  Kellie Naulls, North Isles Tourism Development Officer, has had meetings in Yell and plans are well underway for a Yell Arts Festival in September.  Gordon is attending a meeting with the SIC about hydrogen powered vehicles.  He will update the Community Council at the next meeting.  There was a discussion about CalMac’s plans for a hydrogen ferry.  Robert said that the newly appointed Scottish Government Minister for Transport and the Islands, Humza Yousaf, is coming to Shetland shortly so Councillors should know better then what the Government’s plans for transport are.  Gordon said that the Skip scheme has to raise two thirds of its costs locally. The subscription is £50 annually, for use of all 6 skips, and a £20 one-off subscription is also available. This is the last time the funding for this service will be available from the SIC Community Development Fund.  There was a discussion about fly tipping.  This is an environmental issue if people fly tip instead of paying for skips/Council bulky items pick up.  There is no option for taking items to Rova Head for disposal without having to pay transport costs.  Members decided to write to Maggie Sandison to ask if the Council could put up a compound for bulky rubbish items which could be managed by the community and emptied by the SIC.

05/06/16    Application for Planning

Planning Ref: 2016/196/PPF

Proposal: To construct dwelling house and access

Address: Adjacent To Anderbrae, Haroldswick, Unst, Shetland, ZE2 9EF

Applicant: Colin Laurenson

Date of Consultation:  17th May 2016

There were no objections.

Cooke Aqua – Wick of Gruting, North East of Fetlar

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland are proposing to undertake the development of an aquaculture site at the Wick of Gruting to the north east of Fetlar. They contacted the Community Council, as a non-statutory consultee, in relation to the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations. They are seeking the Community Council’s views and any comments about the proposal prior to any formal applications being lodged.  Community Councillors had no objections to this application being taken forward.

06/06/16    Application for Unadopted Road

There was one application for unadopted roads from George Rodger for the road to 2 Gue.  This road is 100 metres long.  It was agreed to give a grant of £200 once this has been done.

07/06/16    Community Council Finances

The finished accounts are with Voluntary Action Shetland for auditing.

08/06/16    A.O.C.B.

08/06/16.1  Roads

It was agreed to write again about the verges on the Mailland Strodie and also the pot holes at Hamar and South-a-Voe.  The Clerk will also write to ask if there is any surplus material when the SIC are working on the stretch from Setters Quarry to P & T Coaches, that this is used to repair the sides of the road in the Setters.

08/06/16.2  Shetland Arts Trust June Board Meeting (in Unst) 23-06-16

The Clerk is to email and ask if this event is still going ahead.  Gordon said that Graeme Howell, the manager of Shetland Arts, is keen to take events out to rural areas and is keen to find out what people want to see in their community.

08/06/16.3  Scottish Rural Parliament Local Event

Gordon was unable to attend this.  There was an article about it in the Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) newsletter, which was circulated with the Shetland Times.

08/06/16.4  Belmont Terminal

The Clerk is to write to Craig Robertson, Ferries, about the lack of clear number markings at the Belmont ferry terminal.  The numbers at the top/beginning of the lanes have faded and are unreadable.  The big sign with lane instructions has not been replaced yet.  It was damaged several months ago.  Brian Woods, SIC Roads, emailed to say it should be put up very shortly.  Robert is going to follow this up as well.

08/06/16.5  Community Ferry Hire – Unst Show

Unst Show Committee has asked for a community ferry hire for Saturday 27th August, the show day.

08/06/16.6  Cats

Gordon has been contacted about the problem of cats at Setters Hill Estate.  He contacted the Cats Protection League.  They can rehome feral cats if they are caught and brought to them.

08/06/16.7  UnstFest

UnstFest runs from Saturday 16th July to Sunday 24th July.  The progamme can now be downloaded from www.unstfest.org


The next meeting will be held on Thursday 28th July 2016 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School

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