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Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 16th January 2017 at 7 pm in the Baltasound School, English Room



Gordon Thomson

Pat Burns

Claire Priest

Janice Priest

Raymond Priest

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson


Josie McMillan, Clerk     


01/01/17    Apologies:

Minnie Mouatt

John Peterson

Frances Browne, Community Learning and Development Officer

Gary Cleaver, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Steven Coutts, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Robert Henderson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)


02/01/17    Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 5th December 2016 were approved.  Proposed by Janice, seconded by Claire.

03/01/17    Matters Arising from last minutes

08/10/15.4  Sign at Belmont

Unst Youth Group has applied to one source for funding to replace the sign.

08/07/16.1  Roads

The Roadmen are doing drainage and verging work at Caldback and the Mailland Strodie.  The SIC’s Weather Station on the Uyeasound Road is broken.  The Clerk will email the Roads Department about this.

08/07/16.1 Lund Kirkyard

Steve Williams, from McJerrow and Stevenson, the attorneys who handles Joy Sandison’s affairs, has replied to our email.  He has passed on the Community Council’s concerns to the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) who now own the land at Lund.  Mr Williams said that someone from NTS would contact the Community Council directly.  Members discussed this again and are concerned that the condition of the roads is deteriorating and questioned whether a bus would be able to get down to the kirkyard if needed for a funeral.  It was also agreed to write again to Maggie, Sandison, Director of Infrastructure Services, to express our concerns that soon the road will become impassable for people going to the kirkyard.

08/11/16.2  HMS E-49 Memorial

Harry Edwards is organising the unveiling of this memorial for Sunday 12th March 2017.  This is exactly a 100 years since E-49 hit a mine and sank.

08/12/16.2  Broadband Service in Unst

Gordon took part in the phone meeting on Monday 12th December to discuss broadband in the North Isles of Shetland.  There were representatives from all the North Isles Community Councils, SIC, HIE and Tavish Scott. There was a discussion about the Scottish Market Reaching 100% programme – Open Market Review.  The Scottish Government are waiting to see who bids for the contract to roll out Broadband Services starting in 2018.  Shetland is one of the most expensive place for this.  More information about the Scottish Government Open Market Review can be found at http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2016/12/5421/1 Gordon said that BT has said that if your broadband service is deteriorating you should report it to them.  EE has the contact to provide mobile services to the Emergency Services.  EE was off in Unst for nearly two months at the end of last year.  The lack of a reliable mobile service is causing a lot of problems for the Unst Health Centre and the locum doctors and nurses.  The petition that the Community Council put out gathered 175 signatures in four days

04/01/17    Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Gordon said that UP is still waiting to see if their application to HIE/LEADER is successful.  The bid will be processed on the 25th January 2017, but the next funding meeting is the 8th March 2017.  Both employees are still working but on reduced hours.  The last skip day is on 18th February 2017.  Overall the skip provision service has made a loss over the financial year.  UP is looking for alternative funding for this.  The Amenity Trust will collect white goods, metal, some makes of cars.

05/01/17    Community Involvement Update

Frances Browne emailed in a report for the Community Involvement Update.  She explained that North Isles Learning Partnership met in December and looked at their purpose.  It was agreed that the group is beneficial, it can help all the agencies involved to provide the best possible service to the part of the community they serve.   Frances said that the Fetlar community are undertaking a participatory budgeting project that Unst CC may find interesting and she will update the Community Council as this progresses.  She said that she had not had any projects come up in Unst apart from normal working relationship with Unst Partnership. 

06/01/17    Application for Donations

There were no applications for donations.

07/01/17    Community Council Finances

There has been no expenditure since last meeting.

08/01/17    A.O.C.B.

08/01/17.1 Scottish Government - Draft National Health and Social Care Standards – Consultation ends 22nd January 2017

This was noted.

08/01/17.2  ASCC Meeting 25th March 2017

The next meeting of the Association of Community Council is on Saturday 25th March 2017, at the Shetland Museum Auditorium.

08/01/17.3 Defibrillators

Caroline Hunter emailed to say that the first of the three public Access Defibrillators (PADs) will be up and running next week.  This is the one at the Uyeasound Hall.  The other two are going to the Haroldswick Hall and outside the Fire Station at Hagdale.   The Scottish Fire Service are planning to equip all fire appliances with defibrillators, so once this happens the defibrillator from Hagdale will be relocated to the Baltasound Hall.

08/01/17.3  Bottle Banks

There have been rumours in the community that the Bottle Banks are going to be removed.  The Clerk will email Maggie Sandison, Infrastructure service to find out if this is happening.

08/01/17.4  Festive Ferry Timetable

It was decided to email Craig Robertson, Ferry Services to ask if the Community Council can be consulted before the next Festive Timetable is put out.  The Christmas Day runs on Bluemull sound do not all link in with the Yell Sound Service.  There were also problems with the Voice Banks not being updated.  The message sent out from the ferries department said check the Voice Bank, but on several occasions it hadn’t been updated.


The next meeting will be held on Monday 27th February 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School


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