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Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 26th February 2015 at 7 pm at the Baltasound School, Music Huts



Gordon Thomson, Chairperson

Pat Burns, Vice Chair

Minnie Mouatt

John Peterson

Claire Priest

Raymond Priest

Hazel Spence

Gary Cleaver, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)



Catriona Waddington, Chair of Baltasound Junior High School Parent Council

Josie McMillan, Clerk


01/02/15       Apologies:

Janice Priest

Julie Thomson

Steven Coutts, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Robert Henderson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

02/02/15       Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 19th January 2015 were approved.  Proposed by Pat, seconded by Claire.

03/02/15       Matters Arising from last minutes

09/05/9.7  Baltasound Pier pontoon

Andrew Inkster, SIC Ports and Harbours, has replied to say that the pontoon will be removed in the near future.  He is waiting for quotes to come in for this.  Mr Inkster explained that the lights at the Baltasound Pier were hit by lightning.  This has now been repaired by Scottish and Southern Electricity and are now working again.

09/11/14.2  Local landscape Areas

There has been no further word about this.

10/08/14.6  Ambulance Provision in Unst

There will be eleven people on the ambulance rota, when all outstanding training is completed.

04/02/15       Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Megan Burns has been appointed to cover Verona Shaw’s maternity leave.  The post for Tourism Development Officer is being re-advertised at the moment. The contract has been changed; it runs for a shorter period of time but with more hours. UP was not successful in its application to Scottish Seafarms for funding for a project to provide community skip provision.  Gordon explained that members of the community were happy to pay for the skip service, but 12 months provision cost approximately £6,000 and so far the Community interest only totaled roughly £2000.  Up are now going to apply to  the Community Development Fund to see if this can provide match funding. UP and PURE are applying for a joint project for a wind turbine which would produce hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen as fuel sources.  UP would administer the project.  The SIC approached UP and identified a project which could significantly reduce Unst’s carbon footprint whilst providing an environmentally friendly service to the local community.   Megan is seeking funding for a Composting project, having received a good response from the Food Waste Survey. Composting will be done through a certified cylinder system.  The project will cost approximately £20,000, plus £2,675 which is required for the provision of disposal bins to households. 

05/02/15       Education Review Update    Schools – what next?    Catriona Waddington

Catriona Waddington explained that she is standing down as chair of the Parent Council.  She explained that the Council has decided to postpone school consultations until 2017, although this might change and be done earlier.  The consultations on Whalsay and Mid Yell secondary schools have been abandoned.  Sandy Longmuir, who is the chair of the Scottish Rural Schools Network, has written to Scottish Education Secretary Angela Constance asking her to clarify the legal position of abandoning these consultations.  Catriona explained that the Education Department at Hayfield now meet monthly with the Parent Council chairs.  She said that this is making a heavy workload for Parent Councils and asked if there was any way that this could be shared.  Gordon asked what the Community Council could do to help with this.  Catriona explained that the community would need to be prepared before for the next round of consultation.  They would need to have a socio-economic study completed on the community, so that the statistics were available when needed.  There was a discussion about how this could be done and what funding would be needed to do it.  There was a lengthy document drawn up by the school board five years ago.  Members suggested that the best option would be to set up a working group with membership made up from various groups e.g. Community Council.  There have been studies done in the past so it would not be starting from a blank slate.  Gordon thanked Catriona for attending the meeting and all the hard work she had done as chair of the Parent Council.  Catriona left the meeting at 7.35pm.

06/02/15       SIC Ferries

The Ferries Service is keeping the multi journey discount tickets until some other scheme is introduced to replace them.  The summer timetable was circulated and discussed.  This is the same as last year.  The ferry strikes have been suspended at present as talks are continuing between the union and the SIC.

07/02/15       Application for Planning

07/02/15.1  Erect dwellinghouse at Site South of Da Fustra, Westing, Unst by Society of Our Lady of The Isles.       

There were no objections.

08/02/15       Application for Donation

After a discussion it was agreed to give the following grants:-

Unst Senior Netball Association

£441 towards the costs of match fees for entry into the Shetland Ladies Netball Association.


£1000 towards the costs of advertising and leaflets and costs of organizing and running the 10 day festival.

1st Unst Rainbows

£500 towards the costs of restarting the Rainbow unit for girls between the ages of 5 and 7 years old.

09/02/15       Community Council Finances

09/02/15.1  Community Development Fund

The spreadsheet showing budget and expenditure to date was discussed.  The annual funding and the Community Development Funds have now all been allocated for this year.  The application for next financial years Community Development fund needs to be submitted by the 15th March, this is the date for the first round of submissions.

10/02/15       A.O.C.B.

10/02/15.1  Unst Heritage Trust – Community Council Representation

After a discussion Minnie agreed to represent the Community Council on the Heritage Trust committee.

10/02/15.2  Fiona Cunningham – PhD Research in Scottish Island Communities

The Clerk is to email Ms Cunningham to ask if she wants the posters she emailed displayed in the shops.  It was suggested that she would probably get more information if she targeted people in the worst affected areas. Her PhD focuses on the vulnerability and adaptation priorities of Scottish Island communities to the impacts of environmental change such as increasing storminess and coastal flooding.  A major aspect of her research is the investigation of community perspectives on adaptation to climate-induced environmental change in small island settings. The research will include a comparative analysis of Orkney (Westray), Shetland (Unst) and the Outer Hebrides (South Uist). A key objective of the research is to engage with community members, local stakeholders and representatives of local authority.

10/02/15.3  ASCC meeting 18th April 2015

Gordon can attend this meeting.

10/02/15.4  Bruno Peek – Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth

Monday 9th March is Commonwealth day.  Bruno Peek, Pageantmaster to the Queen, has emailed to ask if the community of Unst will take part and raise the flag at 10am on Monday 9th March.  Gordon has discussed this with the School and Leisure Centre who have agreed to do this and also take photos. 

10/02/15.5  Community Council Stationery

After a discussion members agreed that box files would be the most useful stationery to be provided for this session.

11/02/15.6 Streetlights

The streetlights along Gutter Street will not be replaced when they can no longer be repaired structurally.  The Clerk is to write and ask if this will affect the speed limit along this road.  A similar stretch of road in Mossbank is now being able to keep its streetlight.

10/02/15.7 Da Voar Redd Up

Gary Cleaver has asked if the Fins Project Art Group can apply to clean a stretch of coastline at Da Voar Redd Up.  Members discussed this and decided that if the group is constituted and open to other members it would be alright to fund it.  Gary will need to contact Shetland Amenity Trust to register so that he gets bags etc.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday 26th March 2015 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School


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