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Unst Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 2nd  December 2019

at 6.30pm in the Baltasound School, Music Huts



Patrick Fordyce, Chair

Claire Priest, Vice Chair

David Cooper

Caroline Hunter

John Peterson

Janice Priest

Gordon Thomson

Alec Priest, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)



Josie McMillan, Clerk


01/12/19   Apologies:

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson

Duncan Simpson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Ryan Thomson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Frances Browne, Community Involvement and Development Officer

Michael Duncan, Community Council Liaison Officer

PC Angela Manson


02/12/19   Minutes from the Last Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held on Monday 21st October 2019 were proposed by Janice and seconded by John.


03/12/19   Declaration of Interest

There were two declarations of interest.  Agenda item 7 - Application for Donation – Unst Show.  Janice is on the Unst Show Committee.  Agenda item 8 – Application for Planning was submitted by John.


04/12/19   Matters Arising from last minutes        

13/01/19.6 White Wife Statue

Gordon said that the sign for parking at the White Wife has not arrived yet.  He is following this up.


13/07/19.5  Easting Kirkyard

Yvonne Scott, SIC Burial Services Officer, emailed to say that the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) are aware of the ongoing issues regarding grass cutting.  The SIC will be informing CWGC of Councillors decision from a report in early 2020 to determine grass-cutting standards within its burial grounds and general amenity areas for next year’s season. 


10/10/19  Shetland Space Centre (SSC) – Frank Strang

There has been no further updates about the Space Centre.  Some of their next steps are on hold until after the election.


13/10/19.1  War Memorials from Uyeasound Kirk

Janice explained that moving the War Memorials to the Uyeasound Hall will require planning permission, which the hall will apply for.  They are going to contact the group in Yell that was involved with moving the War Memorials from the Church in Mid Yell when it closed.


05/12/19   Unst Partnership (UP) Update. 

Gordon said that the next skip day is 1st February 2020.  The shop is still doing well.  Gordon gave an update on Halligarth.  There are no plans, at present, to do up Halligarth or the other houses that the National Trust look after on behalf of Joy Sandison. The National Trust is going to award a six month contract for basic maintenance to Halligarth and Roselea from March to October.  This will mainly cover grass cutting.  Thistle Camps are planning to come up twice next year to do various tasks for the National Trust.  They are looking for extra work when they are up.  Gordon said that the Leisure Centre is taking over Unst Cycle Hire from Chas Hollis. The cycles will be kept in a shed at the centre, which is being reclad in preparation. 


06/12/19   Community Involvement Update

Frances emailed her apologies and a brief report.  She said that Andrew Inkster,  SIC Port Operations, has received a quote for a pontoon for Baltasound Pier.  He will be in touch once they have had a chance to look at it.  Gordon said it would be good to get this sorted before next year as there are plans for more cruise liners calling at Baltasound.  Frances also said that Yell Community Council had met with Ferries Department at Sellaness recently about issues with the Yell sound ferry service. They are meeting with them again in February and Frances asked if Unst Community Councillors would want to attend that meeting.   Members from Unst would like to attend this meeting.  Patrick agreed to email Laurence Odie about this.


07/12/19   Application for Donation

07/12/19.1  Unst Under 5s - Bairns Christmas Tree Party

It was agreed to give a donation of £114 towards the bairns Christmas Tree party.


07/12/19.2  Unst Show Committee

Janice left the room while this item was discussed.   It was agreed to give a donation of £650 to help with marketing and entertainment cost for the 150th anniversary of the show. 


08/12/19   Application for planning


Planning Ref:



Change of use of land from agricultural to tourism/camping and erect for 4 camping pods


Land Adjacent to Hildisvik, Muness, Unst, ZE2 9DL


Mr John Peterson

Date of Consultation:

13 November 2019


John left the room while this item was discussed.  There were no objections.  It was agreed to note on the application that Unst Community Council welcomes projects that increase tourism on Unst.  And they believe that this project fits in well with its location and is an appropriate development for the area.


09/12/19   Correspondence

09/12/19.1  VE Day – 8th May 2020

Bruno Peake, pageantmaster to the Queen, has emailed Gordon about the preparations for the VE Day celebrations on 8th May 2020.  There was a discussion about this and what would be the best venue to hold the event to make it accessible to the most people.  Mr Peake is very keen to have a bugler and a piper.  Gordon has organised the bugler and Patrick knows someone who plays the pipes but is unsure if they will be in Unst at that time.  It was agreed to discuss this further nearer the time.


09/12/19.2  Unst Water – Burrafirth/Haroldswick repairs

Jim Anderson, Scottish Water, replied to our email saying that they have still not been granted access to repair the pipes in Haroldswick.  He is going to chase this up again and update the Community Council when he knows what is happening.


09/12/19.3  Energy Isles – Community Liaison Meeting, Cullivoe Hall, 27-11-19

Hazel attended this meeting and had sent in a report.  She said that the planning application which was submitted by Energy Isles in May 2020 had concerns raised by SNH and Historic Scotland.  Energy isles amended their plans from 29 to 23 turbines which addressed both concerns raised by SNH and Historic Scotland.  6 of the peripheral turbines have been reduced in size from 200m to 180m to reduce visual impact on populated areas.  There will be an email circulated from Mr Bunyan requesting community benefit should be open to the whole of Shetland.  It had been pointed out at the meeting that it is the Scottish Government policy that community benefit should be given to the communities that were initially consulted, that being the North Isles in this case.  Community Councils closest to the Viking Energy turbines will receive more of the Community Benefit funds, if the project goes ahead.  Members discussed whether this could be an option.  It was decided that the Community Council will reply with their decision on this once the email has been circulated and discussed at the next meeting.  The final decision on whether this project goes ahead will be made by the Scottish Government in mid 2021. 


09/12/19.4  Shetland Community Benefit Meeting, Lerwick, 27-11-19

Gordon attended this meeting.  The Viking Energy project is still planning to go ahead.  There was a discussion on how the benefit fund would be disbursed to Community Councils and what the money should be spent on.  Members felt that it should be left to each Community Council to decide how the money is awarded as each area has different needs. The figure that Unst could get might be around £18,000.  Some representatives of the committee are going away to look at other working wind farms.  There is another meeting in the beginning of the year.


09/12/19.5  Set  2020 Community Council Meeting Dates

Members set the dates for 2020.  These are 13th January; 24th February; 23rd March; 27th April; 8th June; 20th July; 31st August; 5th October; 16th November and 14th December.  These dates might be subject to change nearer the time.


10/12/19   Community Council Finances

Spending is in line with budget figures and there is still some funding available for community groups. 


11/12/19   A.O.C.B.

11/12/19.1 Baltasound Pier Pontoon

There was a discussion about the allocation of around £1 million in funds that the Council is getting from the Scottish Crown Estate to support coastal communities.  Members asked whether some of these funds could be applied for and used for the pontoon or extending the breakwater at Baltasound Pier.  Alec explained that the Council will set up a committee to deal with these funds..  And guidelines will be put in place as to how funding is allocated.  Andrew Inkster, SIC Port Operations, emailed Frances to say that a quote has arrived for the pontoon.  Alec will follow this up as well.


11/12/19.2 Police Report

PC Manson emailed her apologies and a brief report.  She said that she had assisted two members of the public and is going in to the school to speak about the incident of fighting on the school bus.  PC Manson had also replied that the break into the donations box at the Skidbladner had not been reported by Shetland Amenity Trust. 


11/12/19.3  Scottish Transport Review

Alec explained that the Cullivoe road is on the Council’s January cycle of meetings.  The plans include a tie in point for a fixed link to Unst.  Alec said that Michael Craigie, ZetTrans, is pushing for fixed links.  Alec believes this is the obvious next step, he said that the Western Isles are also wanting fixed links.  There have been enquiries in the past about installing a bridge on Bluemull Sound with tidal turbines built in.  Ryan is following this up.


11/12/19.4  Roads

It was agreed to write and ask Neil Hutcheson, SIC Roads, what progress is being made with the passing place on the road to the school.  It has been blocked of now for several months.  There has also been complaints about the state of the pavement at Gutter Street.  There are weeds growing up through it.  There are still incidents of dog fouling along the pavement as well.  This pavement is used all the time, including people with prams/pushchairs and young families. 


12/12/19   Date of next meeting

The next meeting date will be set on Monday 13th January 2020 at 6.30 pm in the Baltasound School.


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