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Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 11th December 2017 at 7 pm in the Baltasound School, Music Huts


Gordon Thomson

John Peterson

Claire Priest

Janice Priest

Raymond Priest

Hazel Spence 


Frances Browne, Community Learning and Development Officer

Josie McMillan, Clerk          

01/12/17     Apologies:

Pat Burns

Minnie Mouatt

Julie Thomson

Alec Priest, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Duncan Simpson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Ryan Thomson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio) 


02/12/17     Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 13th November 2017 were approved by Janice, seconded by Claire. 

04/12/17     Matters Arising from last minutes

02/11/17  Shetland Space Centre

It was agreed to contact Frank Strang and ask if there has been any progress on this project.  And to ask Mr Strang when the public meeting will be organised to tell the community about the Satellite project.  This would also be good opportunity to gauge community support.  It was agreed to suggest to Mr Strang that he could put out an abbreviated version of the information he provided at the last Community Council meeting so that the community could see the plans.   

08/07/16.1 Lund Kirkyard Road

Christopher Cassels from the National Trust for Scotland has told Gordon that NTS has no money in their budget to put in cattle grids on the Lund road.  As the road belongs to NTS it is difficult to try and improve it or do anything else to it because they own it.  There was a suggestion that the SIC Roadmen use the scrappings from other road works to fill the potholes.  There are a lot of people who visit the kirkyard at this time of year.  It was agreed to try and find out the cost of installing grids.  The SIC cannot adopt the road because of the cost of getting it up to standard.

09/03/17.7  Bus Shelter at the Uyeasound Hall

The work on the Bus Shelter will be done soon.

10/07/17.4  Leawart Road used as turning place

There are no signs on the road as yet.  It was agreed to keep checking to make sure they are put in place.  The orders for the work has been placed.

12/10/12.2  Festive Timetable

Gordon spoke to Elaine Park, ZetTrans, about the Community Council’s suggestions for a slight alteration to the Monday Timetable and the Festive Timetable.  These suggestions were first put to ZetTrans in October.  Ms Park explained to Gordon why these suggestions would not work.  She will put these reasons in an email which can then be circulated to everybody.

12/10/12.3  Benches in Uyeasound

It was agreed to contact Ruth Grainger, Manager at Brucehall Independent Living Project, and ask if she had contacted any other businesses or groups about funding.

10/11/17.3  Scrap Cars

There has been another car abandoned at the Belmont Ferry Terminal.  Gordon is still trying to contact SAT and 60 North Recycling about getting cars collected.

10/11/17.5  Shetland Amenity Trust Unst Jobs

It was agreed to write again to Ruth Mackenzie, Chair, of Shetland Amenity Trust about the threat of job losses in Unst and copy the letter to all the Trustees.  Shetland Amenity Trust workers provide an essential service in the North Isles.  One example of this is that they collect a lot of material for disposal, including white goods, metal and engine oil.  SAT earn money on a lot of the goods they collect.  There was a discussion about another initiative which SAT is involved in “Cans for Cash” which is collecting aluminum cans for recycling.  Gordon said that there are plastic bags to collect the cans in.  He is going to check up on how many cans a bag can hold and what you would get for them.

03/12/17     Janice Hawick, Energy Advice Service, Shetland Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Janice Hawick gave a short presentation about the work of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and her role as their Energy Advisor.  CAB provides a free, impartial, confidential advice service.  There are a few paid workers but also a lot of volunteers.  They give advice on welfare benefits, legal matters, employment and various other matters including debt.  CAB has identified personal debts in Shetland of £1.2 million.   The CAB outreach service comes to Unst regularly and has been used by numerous people from the community. Ms Hawick explained that there is a high proportion of households in Shetland that are affected by fuel poverty.  Fuel poverty is classified by spending 10% or more of your income on fuel. Ms Hawick can give advice about managing your heating bill, setting up direct debits, reading the meter, working with storage heaters.  They liaise with a lot of different agencies, health visitors, health centre workers, social workers, health improvement team members etc.   CAB staff can visit people in their own homes.  Ms Hawick left an electronic version of all the leaflets. Gordon thanked her for attending the meeting.

05/12/17     Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Gordon said that UP is still working towards buying Unit 1 instead of renting it.  They have contacted the SIC about getting a certificate of lawfulness which they need in order to operate a second-hand shop.  UP had had a pop up secondhand stall at the Farmers Market where they sold several items which had been donated.

06/12/17     Community Involvement Update

Frances explained that since the last Community Council meeting the planned Community Council training which is covered in agenda item 18/12/17.2  had taken place.  She had attended the Health Meeting in the beginning of December.  Frances reiterated how important it was for everyone to complete the Health questionnaire which is available in all the shops and Post Office.  She explained that her department is working with other Public agencies, NHS Shetland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the Police and Fire Services along with a range of other partners in Shetland, to improve the way they work together and with communities. “This will be an opportunity to look jointly at the challenges and opportunities for the islands and to link up a number of initiatives and pieces of work that are currently underway.   The ambition would be to help the community create their own plan to improve outcomes in the future for the area – e.g. for the economy, services, inequalities, etc. - which partners are signed up to delivering.  The plan would set out the outcome priorities for the islands of Yell, Unst and Fetlar.  This has come about because of changes to the way we work with partners and communities under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.”  Frances asked if the Community Council would be available to attend a meeting with these agencies in January.  It was decided to hold this meeting on a different night from the regular Community Council meeting.  She also asked for a representative from the Community Council to sit on the steering group.  It was agreed to email all members and ask for someone who is willing to represent the Community Council on this group. 

07/12/17     Community Council Finances

There has been no expenditure since the last meeting.

08/12/17     A.O.C.B.

08/12/17.1  Health and Social Care Meeting -Uyeasound Hall, 1st December 2017

This drop-in meeting was well attended.  Most people thought it was a set meeting so arrived at 4.30pm, the advertised start time.  There was a leaflet explaining the background to the North Isles Health Project.  There was also a questionnaire which is available in all the shops, Post Office and Health Centre.  These can be completed and returned to them by the end of December.  They explained that the status quo of using locums is not a long-term option because of the cost.  There are proposals to use nurse practitioner, paramedics or district nurses to provide out of hours cover.  NHS Shetland is also asking patients if they would prefer to be seen in Lerwick, instead of having to go to the Scottish mainland.  This would cut down on travel costs.  There had been reassurances that none of the North Isles Care Centres would close in the next financial year, 2018/2019.  It is really important that as many people as possible complete the questionnaires as information from these will be collated.  There is a tight timescale for completed the forms.

08/12/17.2  Community Council Training – 25th November 2017

John attended this training day.  He found it very useful.  Items covered were Roles and Responsibilities, Community Engagement and Recruitment. The information discussed will be circulated to the Clerks to pass on to other members. 

08/12/17.3  SIC – Community Council Webpages

Michael Duncan, SIC Community Council Liaison Officer, emailed to say that Community Planning & Development has developed a section on the Council website that is dedicated to Community Councils.  The plan would be to publish all Community Council minutes in one place.  There would also be a link to Facebook or other social media pages.  Members discussed this, and all thought it was a good idea.

08/12/17.4  Community Council – Retention and Destruction Policy

This policy was circulated by Michael Duncan, SIC Community Council Liaison Officer. It outlines exactly how long each document must be kept.

08/12/17.5  Community Ferries Meeting - 5th December 2017 Ulsta Hall

Gordon and John attended this meeting.  Maggie Sandison, SIC Director of Infrastructure Services, explained that Community Council’s should not charge groups for the allocated Community ferry hires.  The extra money that the Community Council’s made for charging for these was put towards extra ferry hires.  After a discussion it was agreed that the Community Council would advertise that they are allocated four Community Ferry Hires and if there is a need for any extra hires the groups would have to hire these privately.  The Bigga is scheduled to go for its maintenance on the 20th August 2018.  It was agreed to write to Tavish Scott, Maggie Sandison, Ryan Thomson, Alec Priest, Duncan Simpson, Ian Pearson and Craig Robertson to ask if the maintenance for 2019 could be booked later so that the Bigga is still on for the Unst Show.  The Unst Show is always the last Saturday in August.  When the Bigga is off the reduction in capacity impacts on big events in Unst, especially the show. 

08/12/17.6  Bottle Banks

The Bottle Banks in Baltasound and Uyeasound both ended up in the sea after the last gale. This was reported to the SIC.

08/12/17.7  SIC Housing Report Card 2015/2016

This was noted.

08/12/17.8  Rotary Club of Shetland

The Community Council received a cheque for £100 from the Rotary Club for Shetland to put towards a senior citizens Christmas party.  The donation was passed on to the Baltasound Hall.


The next meeting will be held on Monday 15th January 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School

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