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Unst Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 20th August 2018 

at 7 pm in the Baltasound School, Music Huts 


Claire Priest, Chaired meeting

John Peterson

Janice Priest


Josie McMillan, Clerk                 

01/08/18   Apologies:

Gordon Thomson

Minnie Mouatt

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson

Alec Priest, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Duncan Simpson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Ryan Thomson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Michael Duncan, Community Council Liaison Officer

Frances Browne, Community Learning and Development Officer

PC Simon Findlay


Raymond Priest has resigned from the Community Council.  Members would like to thank him for all the work he has done while he has been on the Community Council.

02/08/18   Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 28th June 2018 were approved, proposed by Janice, seconded by John.   

03/06/18   Matters Arising from last minutes

08/07/16.1 Lund Kirkyard Road

The Community Council’s application to Cooke Aquaculture Community Fund for funding towards repairs to the Lund road was unsuccessful.  Gordon circulated an email outlining what the Community Council have tried, to date, to get the road repaired.  We approached the SIC Community Development Fund and Cooke Aquaculture for funding, without success. We have contacted SIC Roads and the National Trust for Scotland about sorting the road, again unsuccessfully.  It was agreed that the Community Council has done everything it possibly can without success so will leave it for the present.

12/10/12.2  Festive Timetable

The Festive timetable will start on Saturday 22nd December and run until the Sunday 6th January 2019, both dates inclusive. 

08/01/18.3  Ferry Matters – Single Vessel Timetable on Yell Sound

There are still people travelling to Unst and Fetlar who are missing the bus through Yell because there is a single vessel operating on Yell Sound so they miss their connection.  The petition, which was in the shops/Post Office asking the community to sign if they were concerned about this, gathered 176 signatures in the three weeks it was out. 

08/05/18.1  Shetland Space Centre Meeting

The Public meeting has been set for Monday 27th August 2018 in Unst, from 3 – 8pm.  This is advertised as a drop-in meeting.  There are further meetings in Yell on Tuesday 28th August and Lerwick on Wednesday 29th August.

08/05/18.4  Clerk’s Meeting and Further Community Council Training

The General Data Protection Register (GDPR) spreadsheet and the Community Council Profile have been submitted to Michael Duncan.  The new templates for Community Council minutes and accounts have not been circulated yet. 

03/06/18 NAFC - Shetland Islands’ Marine Regional Planning Partnership – Rachel Shucksmith and Michele Kerry

The Clerk will contact NAFC and reschedule this meeting.

09/06/18.1  SIC – Proposed changes to Bus and Ferry Timetables in August 2018

Changes to the Bus and Ferry Timetables proposed by ZetTrans have been postponed after concerns were raised by Unite, the union representing the inter-island ferry workers.  They had not been consulted about these changes, which would affect their working day.

09/06/18.2  Itinerary for visit by Maggie Sandison, SIC Chief Executive 9th July 2018

Community Councillors believed that the meeting with Maggie Sandison was very worthwhile.  She also visited Brucehall Independent Living facility and Nordalea Care Centre.  Ms Sandison toured the school and the Leisure Centre.

09/06/18.8  Roads

SIC roadmen have been working on the Hannigarth road and on other roads in Uyeasound.

09/06/18.10  Haroldswick Playpark

This work on the Haroldswick Playpark has now been completed.

09/06/18.11 Easting Kirkyard

The grass has now been cut, but it is not being cut very regularly.

04/08/18   Unst Partnership (UP) Update

This item will be carried forward to the next meeting.

05/08/18   Community Involvement Update

This item will be carried forward to the next meeting. 

06/08/18   Applications for Planning

Planning Ref: 2018/224/PPF

Proposal: Erection of Single Storey Dwelling

Address: Baltasound, Unst, Shetland

Applicant: Mr Stewart Owers

Date of Consultation: 14 August 2018

There were no objections.

07/08/18   Community Council Finances

There has been no expenditure since the last meeting.

08/08/18   A.O.C.B.

08/08/18.1  Shetland’s Partnership Plan

It was agreed to carry this item forward to the next meeting when Frances Browne will be there to answer any questions.  The Shetland Partnership Plan is available on the Council website http://shetland.gov.uk/communityplanning/ShetlandPartnership.asp.

08/08/18.2  Association of Shetland Community Councils Meeting - 11th September 2018

Gordon is planning to attend this evening meeting. 

08/08/12.3  Leaflet – Becoming a Community Councillor

There was a discussion about this leaflet. The Council will be running a publicity campaign before the next Community Council elections in November.

08/08/12.4  Police Report

The July Police Report was discussed.  There were eight incidents in Unst.

08/08/12.5  Belmont Rubbish Bin

It was decided to write to SIC Environmental Health about the mess around the bin at Belmont.  There was rubbish scattered as far as the unbooked lane, with ponies eating among it.  Members wondered if there could be a bigger bin put there.  It is really a big concern now that these bins will only be emptied once a fortnight.

08/08/12.6  Bottle Bank at the Baltasound Hotel

There was a discussion about the bottle bank at the Baltasound Hotel and whether it could be used by the community.  The Clerk will check before the next meeting.  The bottle bank at Skibhoul was full and people had left bottles around the bottom of it.

The next meeting date will be set on Monday 24th September 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School

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