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Da Mirrie Dancers

 Photography Group  


This group is open to all abilities, from beginners to experts. Eleven themes per year are chosen, [there is no meeting in December] and you are free to interpret them any way you like.

Members use different image editing software, so can compare the different techniques available, and help with queries where possible. The work is usually shown on Maureen's large screen computer from dvds or memory sticks, but printed copies are fine too, it is entirely up to you.

Information about events, exhibitions etc are shared. We enjoy the social experience of meeting together and even have coffee and cake!

If you would like to come along to see what's what, the group meets at Trondra School at 2pm on the third Tuesday of the month. If you want more information or directions contact Maureen on 01595 880372.





15 January              Trees

19  February           Steep

19  March               Flow

16 April                   Any number

21 May                   Two colours

18 June                  Fortifications

16 July                    Abstract/Texture

20 August               Lights

17 September        Dilapidation (Rust, ruins)

15 October             Seascapes

19 November         Street photography

There is no meeting in December


Members with special skills/information will be invited to share.



DSC a6048s

Look at April 2016 photos of sheep faces

Look at February 2015 photos of Winter Scenes

Look at August 2014 photos  Wildlife

Look at July 2014 photos  Abstract

Look at June 2014 photos  Flight

Look at April 2014 photos  Close-Up

Look at February 2014 photos  Landscape

Look at January 2014 photos  Night Time Shot

Take a look at some of the October 2013 project photographs !




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