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Please select the toys that you wish to borrow and either contact us by email or by telephone (Tel: 01595 743900) in order to check if the item is currently available. If requested item is already out on loan, then you can be put on a waiting list and we will notify you when it is returned.

Small photo of toy
No. MS194

UV Torch
Ideal for use with the UV accessories in the sensory box, in a dark room or with one of our dark dens. Has no flex so is really portable with no need for batteries.


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No. MS195

Sound and Listening Box
Different sounds and listening items, some record sound, some are movement activated whilst others allow you to listen to your own voice or to change your voice in some way.

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No. MS196

Animal Mini Feelie Box
Soft touch cube with an assortment of creatures made of different textures.

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No. MS197
Baby Box 
An assortment of bright, colourful toys to keep the younger children entertained.

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No. MS198
Light and Dark Box
This project box includes a large and small bear, the book "Who's afraid of the dark", torches, colour paddles and kaleidoscopes. There is also a pack of photographs and teachers notes on how to use the resources in a variety of ways.


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No. MS199
UV Sensory Box
A wide range of UV sensory items which go great with either of our dark dens.

Small photo of toy
Small photo of toy
Small photo of toy
No. MS200
Story Bags 
An assortment of story bags including Goldilocks, 3 Little Pigs
 and Old MacDonald which use felt boards. Ideal for depicting familiar tales and for children re-telling stories.

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No. MS201
Multicultural Instruments 
A variety of instruments from around the world some labelled to aid recognition.

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