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Please select the toys that you wish to borrow and either contact us by email or by telephone (Tel: 01595 743900) in order to check if the item is currently available. If requested item is already out on loan, then you can be put on a waiting list and we will notify you when it is returned.

Small photo of toy
No. MS178
Magnetic Tables
Hours of fun with the bug and city magnetic tables, both are easily transportable.

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No. MS179
Medical Trolley & Nurses Outfit
Perfect for hospital role-play the medical trolley comes complete with 14 realistic accessories. 

Small photo of toy
Small photo of toy
No. MS180
Box of Games 
A great variety of games - come in and select what’s good for your group.

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No. MS181
Play Foods 
All the items you would find in Mum's kitchen or the supermarket.

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No. MS182
Peerie Bear & The Fire Festival - Story Sack
An excellent resource especially for Up-Helly-Aa time. The Sack contains: Peerie Bear himself, Peerie Bear and the Fire Festival book and tape, The Galley Game, The Jarl’s Game, Peerie Bear’s Notepad and an Up-Helly-Aa Programme.


Small photo of toy
No. MS183
Petrol Pump 
This petrol pump is sturdy, brightly coloured with nozzles made from quality hardwood.

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No. MS184
Wooden Blocks 
A selection of natural wooden shapes which can be used for construction or imaginary play.

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No. MS185
Assorted Balls and Throwing Objects
A variety of balls including: tail ball, balloon ball and crystal balls. Also quoits and sensory toys. Excellent for encouraging hand/eye co-ordination and throwing skills. 

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