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Please select the toys that you wish to borrow and either contact us by email or by telephone (Tel: 01595 743900) in order to check if the item is currently available. If requested item is already out on loan, then you can be put on a waiting list and we will notify you when it is returned.

Small photo of toy
No. AS137

Balloon Ball
A clever way to adapt balloons to become balls, a cover that fixes over a balloon. As a result it has more weight and yet it still easy to kick etc, it also means that the balloon is less likely to burst.


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No. AS138
Reversible Story Time Doll - Snow White
Read the story of Snow White with the seven dwarves clinging to her skirt but turn her inside out to reveal the wicked witch with her poisoned apple. 

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No. AS139
This Old Man Doll + Book
The doll corresponds to the big book. In his apron there are numbered pockets 1 - 12 with the correct object - one - drum, two - shoe etc. 

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No. AS140
Ladybird Game
Similar to a beetle drive, the object is for children to complete the assembly of their ladybird by throwing a large dice and winning ladybird parts. Teaches recognition and values. 
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