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Please select the toys that you wish to borrow and either contact us by email or by telephone (Tel: 01595 743900) in order to check if the item is currently available. If requested item is already out on loan, then you can be put on a waiting list and we will notify you when it is returned.

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No. AS105

Funky Keyboard
Press the musical pads and follow the lights to play songs, animal and instrument sounds.


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No. AS106
Tactile Letters & Inset Trays
A tactile way to teach children how to form letters. Let them start at the dot on each letter and run a finger along it's shape. The correct way feels smooth whilst the incorrect way feels rough thus allowing the children to form letters with ease. 

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No. AS107
What's Next? 
This charming game uses scenes from everyday life and from the natural world to help develop sequencing skills, observation and discussion.

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No. AS108
Cash Register
This brightly coloured cash register works just like the real thing. The digital display shows pounds and pence, totals and change to be given. Includes play money and swipe card.

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No. AS109
Rainbow Sound Blocks
These colourful blocks will learn sorting and matching colours and sounds as well as making associations between sound and quantity. When children look through the blocks they see the world in different colours. Great for developing fine motor skills. 

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No. AS110
Magic Hat Game
This makes reading magical! Who will be the first to read all their words? Post the word cards into the magical hat and out pops a picture of the word!

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No. AS111
LDA Language Cards
Opposites - Designed to help children's conceptual understanding, these photos depicts 10 commonly used opposite concepts.
Things that go together - Can you match the right pairs? These photos are designed to develop children's awareness of the functional relationship between objects.

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No. AS112
These cards are carefully designed to encourage children to discuss emotions and feelings. Each card portrays a different setting and context to evoke a wide range of emotional responses.
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