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Please select the toys that you wish to borrow and either contact us by email or by telephone (Tel: 01595 743900) in order to check if the item is currently available. If requested item is already out on loan, then you can be put on a waiting list and we will notify you when it is returned.

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No. AS73

Compare Bears Counters + Activity Cards 
Bears - Ideal for counting, sorting, matching and lots of language activities. Can also introduce children to the concept of weight.

Cards - Activities encourage patterning, sequencing and colour discrimination.


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No. AS74
Look Hear 
A sound and picture matching game containing 3 tapes and 35 colour photographs.

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No. AS75
Annie Apples Alphabet lotto
An alphabet-based lotto game for up to 6 players.

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No. AS76
Letterland Linking Letters
A fun filled spelling game.

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No. AS77
Connecting People
Made of sturdy plastic with hands that can be linked. Comes in 4 colours and 3 sizes. All people are freestanding.

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No. AS78
Wooden Pentagrams
Enables children to construct simple words and develop letter recognition.

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No. AS79
This set of two puzzles includes a "My Toys" and a "Building Site".  

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No. AS80
Wooden Lotto
Helps to teach recognition and matching.
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