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Additional Support Needs Toy Library Index

Page 1 Helter Skelter Loopie, Magnetic Board & Shapes, Brainy Blocks, Rough Touch Quoits x 4, Glitter Tubes, Fireworks, Small Wooden Activity Centre, Small Wooden Mirror Activity Centre, Nine Puzzle Pack
Page 2 Musical Activity Centre, Large Wooden Activity Board, Screw Threaded Insert Board, Winding Wheel, Mirror Marble Wheel, Diffraction Cube, Large Picture Dominoes, Willis Wheel
Page 3 3 Triangle Threader, Flip Fingers, Rotating Frame, Noah's Ark, Kaleidoscope Mirror, Large Tactile Dominoes, Raised Shape Dominoes, Raised Stud Dominoes
Page 4 Noughts & Crosses,Tactile Turner, Games Centre, Little Tikes Bowling Set, Large Mosaic Board, Little Tikes Fishing Set, Little Tikes Car Carrier, Tadpole & Squeezies x 3
Page 5 Large Story Animal Puzzle, Fibre Optic Lily, Roll Up Massage Mattress, Paletto, Keyboard & Floor Keys, Grannies Visit, Percussion Set, Tongue Drum
Page 6 Step Chime Bar Set, Musical Instruments, Surf Drum, Linelite Wand, Reversible Mini Tracker, Nut & Bolt Board, The Invitation, Jason's Wish
Page 7 Fisher Price Garage, Giant Skwish + Mini Skwish, Giant Garage, Track Tracer, Cubo, Wooden Shape Matching Board, Threading Butterfly & Threading Tree, Roller Ball
Page 8 Cedric the Caterpillar, Light Diffraction Panels, Tactile Sole Sensation, Simon, Rainbow Building Blocks, Mobile Ball Pool, Sensory Rings, Sound Discrimination Blocks
Page 9 Three Inset Puzzles, Set Two Inset Puzzles, Jigsaws - 6 soft to touch puzzles, Magnetic Blocks, Transformer Shapes, Coloured Clown, Farm Magnetic Story Board, Colour Cards - Indoor Sounds
Page 10 Compare Bears Counters & Activity Cards, Look Hear, Annie Apples Alphabet Lotto, Letterland Linking Letters, Connecting People, Wooden Pentagrams, Jigsaws, Wooden Lotto
Page 11 Puppy Lotto, Fisher Price Easy Stack Blocks 'N' Bucket, Rainbow Beads, Tactile Numbers, Big Mac x 2, Giant Velcro Numbers, Shape Sorting Board, Wooden Form Board
Page 12 Listening Skills, Gathering Drum, Pump Ball x 2, Soft Punch Ball x 1, Little Tikes Place, Sound Builders, Physio Rolls, Spiky Ball
Page 13 Brio Country railway Set, Foam Covered Balls, Scented Crystal Bell Balls, Our Five Senses Dominoes, Koosh Balls x 6, Clever Cogs, Funky Footprints, Our Five Senses Game
Page 14 Funky Keyboard, Tactile Letter & Inset Trays, What's Next?, Cash Register, Rainbow Sound Blocks, Magic Hat Game, LDA Language Cards, Emotions
Page 15 Rolling Slope , Tubes, Sound Stories, Picture Sound Lotto, Floor Basketball, Emil, Tactilo, Feelie Boxes
Page 16 Wooden Pattern Blocks & Activity Cards, Favourite Tales & Puppets - Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Tactile Snakes & Ladders Game, Rolling Shape Sorter, Punch 'N' Drop, Shut The Box, Bungee Jumper, Fantasy Cube
Page 17 Story Boards, Move In Step, Therapy Ball, Service Bubble Cars, Stacking Cone Switch, One Armed Bandit Postbox, Lollipop Jungle, Tangle
Page 18 Balloon Ball, Reversible Story Time Doll - Snow White, The Old Man Doll & Book, Ladybird Game


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