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Additional Support Needs Toy Library - Guidelines
Terms & Conditions

What is it?

A large selection of toys and equipment that SPP lend out for use in pre-school groups both voluntary and privately run. Additional support needs library is also available to groups, parents/carers of children with additional needs.

There is a large variety of items available ranging from large physical play items to toys suitable for younger children/babies. We have catalogues for the libraries, which are available to all members, containing pictures and details of all the toys available. Contact one of our fieldworkers or phone the office if you wish to see the folders or have any queries. Also you can see, (and make an order), all the toys/equipment on our web site here.

Where is it and when?

All the toys are distributed from the S.P.P. premises at: 
Shetland Pre-School Play
Market House 
14 Market Street
Lerwick Shetland 

New Opening Times: 10.00am - 3.00pm Monday & Friday during school terms. 
However, please use our website here or you can email by clicking here to order your toys/equipment during the week and your order will be ready for you to pick up from Market House. In addition, if our fieldworkers are doing a group visit in your area they will maybe be able to deliver your order and to take back your returns if items are not too bulky.

How can I borrow something for our group?

You must first register with the library, which involves paying a registration fee currently £20.00 for groups and £15.00 for parents/carers payable in September each year. If you require a registration form, either download them from the web or contact the office Tel: 01595 743900.

How many items can I take?

Four items can be taken out of the libraries and all toys must be returned within 4 weeks from the date taken out. An extension of the loan may be requested if the toy is required for a longer period as long as no one else has pre-booked the toy.

When returning borrowed toys from the libraries, please ensure they are intact and in a clean and tidy condition. If there are any broken pieces or bits missing, please inform us to allow us to obtain replacements.

The smooth running of the libraries depends on members returning toys/equipment on time, allowing us to redistribute them to other groups.

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