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Presbytery of Shetland.


Vision Statement


The vision of the Church of Scotland is to be a church which inspires the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic, worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving communities.


Mission Statement


The Church of Scotland: Presbytery of Shetland as part of the worldwide Church seeks –


to revere God as Creator of all things

to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

and to recognise the work of the Holy Spirit.


To inspire in everyone the need –

to honour God and to respect every individual

to live according to the teaching and example of Jesus Christ

and to be open to the influence of the Holy Spirit.


To encourage everyone –

to nurture faith recognising the spiritual dimension in our lives

to be a channel of hope in the world

and to share with all, the love of Jesus Christ


That means that through the challenge of mission and service –

we seek to promote Christian values among all people

we strive to look after our environment

and we care for our communities and for each individual


Therefore we endeavour to –

deepen our understanding of the Christian faith,

develop our God given talents to the glory of God and in the service of others

seeking always to extend the Kingdom of God among His people.  


Presbytery of Shetland


To this end, the Presbytery of Shetland

  1. Meets three times a year for business purposes in Lerwick.
  2. Meets three times a year in Conference, led by its committees, inviting congregations and moving venues around the Presbytery.
  3. In addition to a Business Committee, Presbytery is also served by a Mission & Discipleship Committee, a Ministries Committee and a Support Agency Committee. Each committee is chaired by a Convenor whose term in office should be no longer than 4 years. These committees encourage leadership and facilitate training across the Presbytery and enables Presbytery to fulfil its statutory responsibilities.

      Details of the above and a calendar can be found on the Presbytery Web Site......

  1. Shares in the appointment of a Presbytery Assistant with the Ministries Council.
  2. Encourages Parish Ministers, Auxiliary Ministers and the Presbytery Assistant to meet for mutual support
  3. Appoints a Presbytery Chaplain



Goals – What we will focus on to achieve our Mission.


  1. Prayer & Worship – to encourage an ever-increasing number of people to pray for the spread of the Gospel throughout these islands and beyond and to ensure the maintenance of worship by providing places of worship and adequately trained persons to lead worship.


  1. Leadership – to provide ongoing leadership to congregations throughout Shetland with regard to worship and outreach.


  1. Ministry Training – to provide training opportunities for individuals and congregations so that they are more able to serve.


  1. Care for those involved in Ministry – to ensure that individuals ministering with the Presbytery of Shetland will be cared for in a consistent and sensitive manner.


  1. Partnership – to develop and strengthen the links with our Presbytery Partner (s) and to give prayer and support.


  1. Pastoral Care – every aspect of pastoral care undertaken by the Presbytery of Shetland will be done with sensitivity and compassion for all who we minister to.


Strategy – How we will achieve our goals.


  1. Prayer – Facilitate the establishment of prayer communities throughout the Presbytery of Shetland by:

a)      appointing persons (1-2) to liaise with each parish/church and assist in the setting up of a prayer community and to advise on formation, content and duration.

b)      To make provision for training in all aspects of prayer.


Worship – Explore ways in which worship might continue to be challenging and meaningful, touching the hearts of all –

a)      assessing different worship styles and venues which complement each  

      other such as – Sunday worship, house groups, café worship, week day  

      worship, Taizé. Healing and Intercessory worship, Youth services (for and 

       led by).

b)      Meeting together for worship and exploring ecumenical opportunities for worship.

c)      Encourage Sessions to consider the appropriateness of ministers and readers leading more than two services of worship on a Sunday.


  1. Leadership

a)      Provide adequately trained people who will assist, facilitate, encourage individuals and congregations in their aspirations.

b)      Select and encourage individuals and groups to be trained and adequately supported in outreach.

c)      Encourage churches to participate in Guild Projects and invite the Guild to report annually to Presbytery.


  1. Training  Continue to source adequately trained people to train others in such areas as Elder Training, Worship Groups, Pastoral Care, Sunday Club Leaders, Youth Leaders etc.


  1. Care for Worship Leaders


a)      Establish and ensure adequate communication between members of the ministry team by regular meetings outwith Presbytery. Ensure support for missionary partner(s) in prayerful and practical ways.

b)      Continue to provide a Chaplain for the Ministry Team.


  1. Partnerships – Enable, support and assist in the formation of teams to gather and disseminate information, to develop visit schedules, with an ultimate view of forming local partnerships with churches, care homes and schools.


7.   Pastoral Care – All church members have a duty to exercise pastoral care within    

      their fellowship and beyond. The provision and maintenance of pastoral care   

      should recognise the gifts and talents of the individuals involved in the provision  

      of that care.


Responsibilities – Initially through the existing committees cascading to sub-committees/individuals within Presbytery and then out to Kirk Sessions.


3/5 Year Plan?

For Discussion by Presbytery Committees


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