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Registration of Births

Any birth, which occurs in Scotland
must be registered within 21 days.
Further information can be found on
or by contacting your local registrar:

Fair Isle 01595 760224
Foula 01595 753279
Lerwick 01595 744562
Skerries 01806 515255

Health Visitors

Health Visitors are highly skilled, specialist nurses who can have a positive impact on child and family health by supporting children and families in the first few years of a child’s life through:

  • Providing information, advice and support to all children under 5 years of age and their families

  • Proactively promoting health for children and families

  • Promoting, supporting and safeguarding the wellbeing of children

  • Building strong relationships with children and families

  • Offering support in the early weeks of a child’s life

  • Focusing on family strengths, while assessing and respectfully responding to their needs

  • Delivering the core programme of 11 home visits to all families, 8 within the first year of life and 3 child health reviews between 13 months and 4-5 years

  • Undertaking the role of Named Person for each child from birth to school entry (Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014)

Reducing health inequalities by responding to the needs of vulnerable families who require additional support in response to a range of special needs arising from social disadvantage or disability, including help to access other services if required;

And these are delivered through an interconnecting triad of development of the Health Visitor- parent relationship, home visits and needs assessments.

Your Health Visitor can be contacted through your GP practice.

Contact: 01595 743094 or your local health visitor can be contacted through your GP Practice

Community Mental Health Team

As well as providing specific services in each part of the islands, the Community Mental Health Team offers a number of Shetland-wide services.  They are based in the Lerwick Health Centre.
Contact: 01595 743006

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) 

Specialist mental health services for children and young people with serious and enduring mental health difficulties. CAMHS are based at Brevik House, Lerwick.  This service is accessed via your GP.

Contact: 01595 743663

Sexual Health Clinic

This clinic provides advice and information on all aspects of sexual health, operating a drop in service at the Gilbert Bain Hospital on Monday evenings between 6.30 - 8.30, no appointment required.
Contact: 01595 743230 (during clinic times)

NHS Shetland Health Improvement

The Shetland NHS Health Improvement Team are based at Grantfield but work the length and breadth of Shetland to help keep people healthy. This is more than just general health, they offer advice run programmes on all aspects of our health. Their practitioners cover all local health centres, as well as local communities, schools and businesses.

Health Improvement is about making the health of individuals and communities better. We encourage people to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and their families – about things like eating, exercise, smoking and alcohol – and offer practical support to help them do this.

They also encourage and support the Health Board, the SIC, voluntary organisations and businesses to work together to improve health by addressing things like poverty, housing, working conditions, educational opportunities and life/work skills.

Health means different things to different people at different times in their lives, and there are lots of things that can affect your health. To find information about what support you can access from the Health Improvement team you can go on their website or contact 01595743084


People are welcome to call NHS Smokefree and talk to a friendly adviser who can offer confidential advice, information and support, as well as details of their Local Stop Smoking Service.
Lines are open daily from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 4pm at the weekends.
People are also welcome to join our online community by liking the NHS Smokefree Facebook page and following us @nhssmokefree on Twitter

Contact: 0300 123 1044

Smoking Cessation Support Worker

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, there is a lot of support available to help you stop and stay stopped. Here you’ll find hints and tips on how to stop smoking, along with details of local and national services. You can also chat online with a Smokeline advisor
Contact: 01595743084

Alcoholics Anonymous 

If you seem to be having trouble with your drinking, or if your drinking has reached the point of where it worries you, you may be interested to know something about Alcoholics Anonymous. You can talk to other people who are also concerned about their drinking and learn about the AA programme of recovery of from alcoholism. 
Contact: 0800 9177 650 email or you live chat on their website 


Drinkline, a free, confidential helpline for people who are concerned about their drinking, or someone else's.
Contact: 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am–8pm, weekends 11am–4pm)


Drinkaware is an independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK. It aims to help people make better choices about drinking. 
Contact: 020 7766 9900

Shetland Breast Feeding Group

Bruce Family Centre Friday 12.30 - 2.00 p.m.

Scottish Health Council Shetland

For advice and support on the engagement of people and communities in the design of health and care services
Contact: 01595 741260


Health Centres 

Bixter 01595 810202 Monday-Friday, 0830 -1730
Brae 01806 522 543 0830 -1730
Hillswick 01806 503 277 Monday – Friday 0900 to 1700, Saturday 0900-1300
Lerwick 01595 693201 Monday-Friday 0830-1700 Appointments 01595 743216 Repeat prescriptions 743333
Levenwick 01950  461222 Surgery open for collection of prescriptions: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 0800-1600 Wednesday 0800 to 1300 Friday 0800-1600 consulting hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 0900-1100, 1400-1600; Wednesday 0900-1300
Scalloway 01595 880219 Monday – Friday 0830-1730, Wednesday 0830-1300 
Hillsgarth (Unst) 01957 711318 Monday-Friday 0900-1600, Wednesday 0900 – 1300, 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month 1000 – 1100* (*is flexible)  
Yell 01957 702127 Monday-Friday, 0830-1700 Saturday, 0830-1300
Walls 01595 809352 Monday-Friday, 0830-1730 Open most Thursdays 
Whalsay 01806 566219 Monday-Friday, 0830 – 1600 Saturday, 0900 - 1300


Boots the Chemist 01595 692619 Monday-Saturday 0900-1800. Sunday 1000-1700
Freefield Pharmacy 01595 693502 Monday-Friday 0900 - 1730, Saturday 0900-1700
A L Laing 01595 692579 Monday-Saturday 0900-1700
Scalloway 01595 880303 Monday-Friday, 0900-1700. Saturday, 1000-1300
Brae 01806 522206 - Monday-Friday, 0800-1300, 1330-1700


Childsmile is the Scottish Government’s preventative programme to improve children’s oral health.  From birth parents are offered dental packs containing sippy cups and important dietary and brushing advice.  Dental practice appointments with the Childsmile nurse are offered from 6 months old and at nursery and school daily supervised toothbrushing sessions are supported.  Twice a year fluoride varnish is applied by the Childsmile team to strengthen children’s teeth and this may be done in school or at the dental practice.

Contact: 01595 743398 



St Olaf Street 01595 695769 Monday-Friday, 0845-1300, 1400-1715
Lerwick Dental Practise 01595 690265 Monday-Friday 0900-1700, Saturday 0900-1300
Family Dental Practise 01595 695255 Monday-Wednesday 0900-1700 Thursday 1300-2000 Friday 0900-1400
Brae Dental Health Centre 01806 522461 / 522469 Monday to Friday 0845 to 1715
Montfield Dental Unit 01595 743200 Monday-Friday, 0845-1300, 1400-1715
Mid Yell 01957 502031 reception: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8:45am-5:15pm appointments: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10am-4pm
Whalsay Dental Clinic 01806 566469 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:15am-3:15pm
Gilbert Bain Hospital 01595 743000



Kelly Opticians Icare Shetland Monday-Saturday, 0900-1715
Miller Opticians 01595 695516 Monday-Saturday, 0900-1700
Specsavers 01595 697820 Monday - Saturday 0830-1800

Child Healthy Weight Initiatives

SCOTT Programme

This is a family centred weight management programme to help promote child healthy weight. The programme does not focus on dieting but instead helps the family to establish long-term lifestyle changes to diet and physical activity to promote a healthier lifestyle.  The SCOTT Programme consists of 9 sessions with the child and at least one adult over 6 months for children aged between 5-15 years.


If your BMI is over 25 and you would like help to change you can take part in the Counterweight Programme.

The aims of Counterweight are:
• To help change your eating habits and physical activity levels in the long term.
• To help you achieve a medically worthwhile weight loss of between 5-10% of your starting weight.
• To help you maintain your weight loss.
• To improve your health generally

You can join the Counterweight Programme locally by contacting your local Health Centre or the Health Improvement Department.


Updates and amendments to information should be notified to


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