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Logo : Shetland Clay Target Club
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Membership Details  Form at bottom of this page in downloads.

The club is open to non-members, but if a person is interested in the sport, a years membership only costs £20. 

Any person taking up the sport would have to apply to the Police for a shotgun licence.  The club has an exemption certificate granted by the Police that allow persons without a gun licence to try the sport before committing to spend on equipment that can only be purchased once in position of a shotgun licence.

Non-members have to sign a disclaimer (section 21) stating that they have not been restricted by law from obtaining a shot gun licence. 


Members pay £5.00 per 25 targets and from £6.00 per 25 cartridges Senior non-members

pay £6 for 25 targets and £7 for 25 cartridges. Rates for Junior Members are £3 for 25 targets and £6 for 12g cartridges and £7 for 28g cartridges.




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