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More Questions Than Answers (MQTA)

supporting people bereaved by suicide

Delivered by Shetland Bereavement Support Service (SBSS)

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To express your interest, please email: 

by 24th January 2020.

SBSS aims to provide information and education in Shetland to facilitate better support to the bereaved.  By taking part in this course you will be better equipped to understand and support those bereaved by suicide. 

Studies show that the best outcomes for those bereaved, and particularly those bereaved through traumatic events such as suicide, come from appropriate support in the aftermath of the event.  Those who have experienced the suicide of a close friend or family member are 9 times more at risk of going on to complete suicide themselves.  So by giving your time to this training you may be saving a life.  Thank you.

The first element of this course is an e-Learning module.  The module should take you between 2 to 4 hours to complete and you can log in and out at your own pace, it does not have to be completed in one sitting.   

It is essential that you complete the e learning module before you attend the workshop.  You will be required to produce your completion certificate at the workshop.  Because of the structure of the course it will not possible for you to do the work required in the workshop without having first completed the module learning. 

The workshop (workshop B), is planned for 7th March 2020 at Market House.  You will receive more information about this and information on how to pay fees (if any) nearer the time. 

The course is £40 or free for SBSS volunteers.



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