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After eighteen months of development including consultation and engagement with individuals and groups across Scotland, on Wednesday 15th April 2020 Scotland’s first Bereavement Charter for Children and Adults was launched.

This Charter, together with Guidance notes, has been developed by a coalition of individuals and organisations.

It contains 15 statements which describe what the best bereavement care and support should look like. It has been developed to support individuals and communities who struggle with the death of someone they know or someone in their community.

The Charter is designed to help us understand not only the importance of bereavement support, but what that support needs to look like.

Whilst accepting that every death is unique and that the way we each come to terms with a death is individual, this Charter and Guidance attempts to describe what good bereavement support can look like and what difference it can make.

Bereavement Charter for Scotland

Further information on the charter can be found at:

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