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Restorative Justice Arts Organisation in Shetland

We work with anyone involved in a situation of harm or conflict

What is restorative justice?

Restorative Justice includes everyone involved in a situation of harm or conflict. It is a 3 stage process and is practised all over the world:

Facts - what happened?

Consequences - how has everyone involved been affected?

Future - what does everyone need now to move on in a safer way?

You can find out more about restorative justice here.

It is proved to reduce stress in people harmed through conflicts and crime as well as reduce offending.

A client's story

A son stole money fraudulently from his foster parents. As part of his restorative justice process, Space2face spent a year working with him making a bench as a gift for his foster parents.

'the bench replaced the pain and harm caused.' (Mum)

'this (Space2face) is far harder than going to prison.' (Son)

At the same time we worked with the foster parents. Dad was, at first, unwilling to engage in a restorative justice process but as time progressed this changed and he decided that he would like to meet his foster son with his wife in a restorative meeting. The bench had design features that the son knew would be meaningful for his foster father. Space2face facilitated a joint meeting between the foster parents and their son. As part of this meeting, the bench was gifted to Mum and Dad. They were overwhelmed. Several years later, their relationship remains strong and Mum is now a trustee for Space2face.

Who are we?

Space2face is a restorative justice arts charity and a confidential and independent service. We work with those who've been harmed (victims) by crime and conflict, those responsible for causing harm (offenders) through crime and conflict, as well as all others affected by what has happened - the families and communities linked to those primarily involved.

Space2face was co-founded in 2008 by Alyson Halcrow and Clair Aldington. We became an independent organisation in 2016 and are managed by a board of trustees. Our board includes former clients who have been harmed through crime. In 2016, we received a Restorative Practice UK Award for our creative approaches to restorative justice (criminal justice category).

We are a unique project in the UK as we use the arts, the making and gifting of things, within restorative justice processes. You don't have to be creative or arty to use our service! We've just learned that through making, talking about difficult things is sometimes easier. 

What we offer?

All our services are delivered or overseen by Alyson Halcrow and Clair Aldington who are Accredited Restorative Practitioners with the Restorative Justice Council (UK). Our work is person centred and trauma informed. We work with all ages in the following areas:

  • individual restorative justice work (including sensitive and complex cases)

  • group restorative justice work 

  • training in restorative practices (1,2 or 3 days or tailored to your requirements) 

  • professional development sessions (for local authorities, schools, businesses and organisations)

  • creative anger management courses

  • consultancy and research




Contact us

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or contact us on Facebook: Space2face Shetland

Scottish Charity number SC046828

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