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space2face is a restorative justice and arts project in Shetland.

It works with anyone involved in a situation of harm or conflict.

Space2face is a restorative justice and arts project co-founded in 2008 by Alyson Halcrow and Clair Aldington. Originally a partnership project between Shetland Arts and the Community Mediation Team in Shetland, it is now an independent charity (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) which Alyson and Clair jointly manage. There is a board of three trustees and a group of artists and writers who work alongside us.

In April 2015, space2face won the criminal justice category of the Restorative Practice UK Awards.

The project merges the arts with restorative practices to work with people of all ages who are involved in conflict or harm in their lives. It provides space for participants to look at what has happened, how it has affected them and others, and what they need to be able to move on with their lives in a safer way. We work with individuals as well as groups. Referrals are received from the Children's Reporter, Criminal Justice and Children and Families Social Work as well as through self-referrals. 

Space2face has been successively funded since 2009 by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, BBC Children in Need, Creative Scotland and Shetland Arts with additional contributions from local funders. The project has been presented to International Institute for Restorative Practices conferences in USA (August 2012) and Hungary (June 2015) and to the Scottish National Forum for Restorative Justice (December 2015).

The organisation is established for charitable purposes only and, in particular, the objects are: 4.1 to advance the use of the arts within restorative practices in Shetland, nationally and internationally. 4.2 to enable persons harmed and persons responsible for causing harm to become involved in restorative solutions for situations of conflict or harm that have affected them. 4.3 to promote restorative practices using the arts as a method of conflict resolution. 4.4 to provide restorative awareness training using the arts and creative approaches in Shetland, nationally and internationally.

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space2faceshetland@gmail.com this also is 14 the gmail click on the blue and it launches your email

Scottish Charity number SC046828

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