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About the course - New baby, New parent

Who is it for?

New baby, New parent is for anyone parenting or caring for a baby for the first time.  The course provides a space to explore emotions and experiences around becoming a parent,  both positive and negative and to look at ways to enhance and adapt relationships.  It is also particularly appropriate for foster carers, adopters and family members or friends wishing to offer support to new parents.

How long does it last?

The course runs as a series of 2 hour sessions, spread over 3 weeks.

What does it cover?

New baby, New parent encourages parents to explore ways in which to enhance child development and enjoy their relationship with their new baby.  Parents have the opportunity to:

• Explore and express their own feelings, needs and concerns.
• Understand what babies need for their healthy growth and development.
• Consider how to communicate with their baby.
• Ensure they meet their own needs while caring for their babies.

What is the benefit of “New baby, New parent”?

This course gives new parents support and practical strategies on how to cope with the conflicting demands placed upon them.  Wider family relationships benefit as parents increase their self-esteem and confidence and enjoy their parenting role.

.. I was so scared.  I was starting to hate being a Mum, hate him and I couldn’t wait to get away.  I started thinking I could never get anything right for him, that I needed counselling or something but the GP suggested this instead.  I realised I didn’t need to feel guilty, I stopped beating myself up for not being  perfect and saw all the stuff I was getting right.  Now I know I’m a good Mum and that he’s a normal baby.  It’s been like falling in love again… 
Alex, son aged 1

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