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About the course - New baby in the family

Who is it for?

New baby in the family is for parents, foster carers, adopters and any carer introducing a new baby to an existing family group.  It is particularly useful for existing families with an only child, or where a new family is being created alongside children from previous relationships.  This course encourages all members of the family to adapt and enjoy the changes which a new baby can bring to existing family life.

How long does it last?

The course runs as a series of 2 hour sessions, spread over 4 weeks

What does it cover?

New baby in the family examines the impact a new baby in the family can have on both existing children and adults.  Parents and carers are encouraged to:

• Explore their own past experiences, feelings and needs.
• Consider new babies impact upon siblings and other family members.
• Practice listening and verbal communication skills with siblings and other family members in relation to the new baby.

What is the benefit of “New baby in the family”?

New baby in the family gives parents the skills and understanding to help the whole family adjust to the changes that come with a new baby. 

.. I’d thought my son was being selfish, pushing out the baby and being over demanding when I was feeding her.  Then I was asked to imagine a ‘new wife’ joining my marriage - how I would feel seeing my husband cuddling another woman, how I would react to having to share my partner with a stranger.  It really made me stop and think about what Sam must be feeling and how being expected to suddenly share his parents, his home, even his precious Grandpa with the baby must grate.  The course makes you take stock and think about how you could do things differently
Clarissa, son aged 7, baby 10 months old

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