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About the course – Getting on with your teenager

Who is it for?

Getting on with your teenager is for any parent or carer who wants to improve their communication with their teenager.  There is particular emphasis on how good communication can reduce and avoid conflict within the family.  This course sensitively explores issues around privacy, empathy and communication, making specific reference to teenage issues.  It includes an optional session on talking to your teenager about drugs, which emphasises opening lines of communication, rather than any philosophical stance.

How long is it?

The course runs as a series of 2 hour sessions, spread over 8 weeks.

What does it cover?

Getting on with your teenager focuses on key communication skills to improve parents’ ability to have positive and enjoyable relationships with their teenage children.  On this course parents:

• Consider their own needs as parents and the needs of their teenager.
• Reflect on positive and negative communication behaviours.
• Explore and practice active listening techniques.
• Understand and model assertive communication and setting limits.
• Reinforce sensitivity and empathy in communication around teenager issues.

What is the benefit of doing “Getting on with your teenager”?

Getting on with your teenager equips parents and carers with the skills to reduce conflict and deal with it more effectively.  It offers fresh skills and strategies to help make family life with a teenager less stressful and more enjoyable.

Paul was a nightmare, we never knew what he was up to and couldn’t seem to set any effective boundaries.  We both went on the course and I’m not saying it worked miracles but it did help us to approach things slightly differently, plus when we hear about other people’s experiences, some of Paul’s antics seemed quite tame in comparison. Whatever happens hopefully we’ll be better prepared for Mark now..
Ann, mother to Gretchen 17, Paul 15 and Mark 12


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