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About the course – Getting on with your child

Who is it for?

Getting on with your child is for any parent or carer who wants to improve their communication with their child.  There is particular emphasis on how good communication can reduce and avoid conflict with the family.

How long is it?

The course runs as a series of 2 hour sessions, spread over 8 weeks.

What does it cover?

Getting on with your child focuses on key communication skills to improve parents’ ability to have positive and enjoyable relationships with their children.  On this course parents:

• Consider their own needs as parents and the needs of their child.
• Reflect on positive and negative communication behaviours.
• Focus on and practice active listening skills.
• Understand and model assertive communication.
• Reinforce and refine positive skills in communication around sensitive issues.

What is the benefit of doing “Getting on with your child”?

Getting on with your child equips parents and carers with the skills to reduce conflict and deal with it more effectively.  It helps make family life less stressful and more enjoyable.

.. Since me and her Mum split, we were always fighting.  She was so angry with me and I’d try to be understanding but we never sorted it properly. I felt we were getting further and further apart, I was scared she’d stop wanting to come and see me.  Doing a course seemed weird at first, but it helped me explain things clearly and listen properly to what she was saying.  We both needed to accept that things can’t be the same as they used to be.  Now when she comes to stay at the flat things are calmer.  It’s not like when I was with her Mum, but it’s still good.  She’s still my wee girl and I still love her.  I’m still her Dad.
Joe, daughter aged 10

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