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The Asthma Charter

The Asthma Charter is a charter for change.

It describes the quality of care you, as a person with asthma, should receive from your National Health Service. It aims to ensure that everyone who works in the NHS and government gives asthma  charter for change.the priority it deserves.

As a person with asthma I have a right to:

1 High-quality treatment, care and information from asthma-trained healthcare professionals who know about best practice and the latest evidence

2 Access to a doctor or nurse who has had specific asthma training, at either my own GP practice or in my local area

3 Have my asthma quickly and accurately diagnosed, with referral to a respiratory specialist if necessary

4 A full and open discussion with my doctor or nurse about the best asthma treatments for me, including side effects, regardless of the cost of the treatment

5 Be shown how to use the devices needed to keep my asthma under control (eg, inhalers and spacers)

6 Discuss and agree my own asthma action plan with my doctor or nurse so that I can keep my asthma under control

7 Have my asthma reviewed at least once a year (more frequently if I have severe asthma symptoms), at a time convenient to me, or in the case of my children, every six months

8 Be referred to a respiratory specialist if my asthma is becoming unmanageable and to be admitted to a specialist respiratory unit if I need to go to hospital

9 Have follow-up appointments made with my doctor and my specialist before I am discharged from hospital or leave A&E

10 Expect any people working in the NHS that I need to contact to be aware of the serious risks I face if my asthma symptoms are deteriorating (eg, practice receptionists, ambulance personnel and NHS 24 staff)

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The Asthma Charter

The Asthma Charter was written with input from people with asthma and asthma specialists, and is drawn from the latest national guidelines on asthma. The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network asthma guideline – one of a series of clinical guidelines funded by the Scottish Executive – has been published to help health professionals provide the best possible treatment for people with asthma.

By using this charter as a checklist, you can obtain the standards of care to which you are entitled…

with the help of Asthma UK Scotland.

 If you are not getting the rights set out in the Asthma Charter:

DISCUSS  the Asthma Charter with your doctor or nurse at a special appointment 

CONTACT  your local health council (see your telephone directory or ask your  NHS Board for details)

PHONE  9am–5pm) to speak to an asthma nurse specialistthe Asthma UK Adviceline on 08457 01 02 03 (Monday–Friday,

ACT  with the help of Asthma UK to ensure that the government and the NHS give asthma the priority it deserves. There are easy ways you can influence change locally, including:

• writing to your community health partnership

• contacting your MSP

• joining Asthma UK’s network of e-campaigners

For advice on pressing for better care, contact Asthma UK Scotland: 0131 226 2544;

Please let us know how you get on – your information will help us with the charter campaign.

Asthma UK Scotland

2a North Charlotte Street

Edinburgh EH2 4HR

T 0131 226 2544

F 0131 226 2401

Asthma UK Adviceline

Ask an asthma nurse specialist

08457 01 02 03

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