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Is the Community Mediation Team for me?

Our experience is that most people can become effective Mediators and Restorative Justice (RJ) workers. What varies is the time and effort people need to put into learning the necessary skills and the degree of change they need to make in their style of interaction with people. If you have experience of working closely with people in another capacity, this may help, but it is not essential.

If you answer yes to the following questions, you are likely to enjoy and learn from our training:

  • Do you enjoy meeting people who are different from you and may hold very different views?
  • Are you interested in what motivates other people?
  • Are you interested in how other people see you, and how you come across to them?
  • Do you believe that every human being - regardless of what they have done or who they are - deserves to be treated with respect and fairness?

What would be expected of me?

We aim to provide a safe, enjoyable and supportive atmosphere for learning and working. Our training style is interactive and we use a lot of small group work, group discussion and role-play, as well as some written exercises. We need to know that you have the ability to learn and use basic skills, processes and theory – we do not expect you to be skilled mediation or RJ workers from day one!

What we look for from you is the following:

  • To participate in relevant training and be open-minded.
  • To think about and discuss your own attitudes and feelings about the way conflict and harm is addressed in our community.
  • To work as part of a team, with our existing workers and volunteers.

Still interested or having any question? Just contact us!!

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