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Restorative Acceptable Behaviour Contract (RABC)


RABCs are voluntary written agreements which are tailored to individuals who may be responsible for anti-social behaviour and who may need support to help them alter their behaviour.  Typically they involve one or more agencies or support people.  They have been used to address:

  • Harrassment of neighbours
  • Verbal abuse
  • Vandalism
  • Noise nuisance
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Criminal damage
  • Drunken behaviour

RABCs are live documents which are monitored and regularly reviewed.

This approach is sometimes preferred to a more formal legal response and can be used as an effective way of dealing with problem behaviour.

Where behaviour is more problematic – either because it is persistent, more serious, or someone is struggling to work out a way to change their behaviour – then support is offered to address the underlying causes of the behaviour.

This may include regular support from a key agency, meetings with individuals who can help keep a person to an agreement, diversionary activities, counselling or support provision by other agencies (such as debt advice, family mediation, etc.).

The consequences for breaking the terms of a RABC can be discussed between all the parties concerned in the contract.

In most cases, people want to get themselves out of difficult situations and with a bit of help to source what they need, issues can settle down.

Our role is to meet with everyone involved and explore what measures individuals may need to enable them to find ways of moving forward positively.

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