Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau   Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau
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Meet new people and learn new skills

Make a real difference in your community

  • Do you enjoy helping all kinds of people?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Can you commit 6-8 hours per week?

No special skills or knowledge needed. Just good communication skills and basic arithmetic.

Though we employ staff, the bureau remains primarily a volunteer service and volunteer advisers are our primary and most valuable resource.  The volunteer advisers undertake training in advice work over approximately a six month period. They then have a further period of about six months bureau practice gaining experience before being licensed to work in the bureau with support and supervision from the assistant manager.

Trainee generalist advisers are recruited throughout the year. Contact us to register your interest and receive a volunteering pack.   Travel expenses paid.   Telephone 01595 694696 or email on




























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