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Money Advice

The right money advice can make a difference to your life – because when you take steps to manage your money better, you really can live better.

Less worry, more peace of mind.

It’s about clear, confidential, unbiased money advice you can trust and that can make a real difference to your life:


And because the service is truly unbiased, we won’t recommend any products or try to sell you anything.

Debt Advice

If you are struggling with debt or finding it hard to manage your budgeting, the Bureau can assist you.  We can help you to look at your income and expenditure, negotiate with creditors on your behalf and consider the options open to you regarding dealing with your debts.  These can include payment plans affordable to you, bankruptcy or trust deed advice and maximising your income.

Click here to print off income and expenditure sheets to complete and return to the Bureau for processing. 

Contact us if you would like to book an appointment with a Debt Adviser on 01595 694696 or email on



Money Advice Service and Partnerships


The Money Advice service (MAS) provide a free, independent and unbiased money advice to enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding of financial matters and to improve people’s ability to manage their money well. Visit their About Us page to find out more.


MAS can also work in partnership with organisations. They can share MAS assets with organisations for free. This helps the partner support their audience with targeted money advice and ensures that MAS can extend the reach of their advice in very targeted ways.


The service includes a way to share digital content through a feed. The partner can take a small piece of code, add this to pages on their websites and intranets and this will then insert MAS content within their pages and automatically updates.


The Online Money Manager tool is the latest asset that MAS are talking to organisations about.


MAS also have a wide range of content suitable for LAs and HAs beyond the tool. Organisations can find out more about partnering by visiting:


Organisations can contact MAS through: . MAS will work with them to identify content that supports their audience, as well as agree what areas of their website could be suitable to house the content.




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