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Memory Boxes

Bereavement affects everyone differently.  Sometimes it can be hard for families to talk about a shared bereavement - how can you ask others how they are feeling when you are struggling with your own feelings?  SBSS has made up Memory Boxes for families with children, to encourage them to develop the skills to cope with grief, loss and bereavement.  The box is full of resources and suggested activities to help families work through difficult feelings such as anger, loneliness and sadness.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, so the contents of each memory box will change to suit different families - each box has the potential to be completely different.  For example, if the bereavement is suicide related, then materials to support a family through a complex and sudden death would be included.  Boxes also cater for older and younger children.

Memory Boxes are free of charge, funded through the BIG lottery.  If you think your family would benefit from a Memory Box, please complete our request form and return to us via post or email.

Boxes are not kept in stock, but made to order, so it may take a couple of weeks to assemble your memory box.  Completed boxes can be collected from Market House, Lerwick.

We welcome any feedback about the Memory Box project.  If you have received a Memory Box, please take a few minutes to complete our evaluation form, so we can improve our service.

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