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Market House (administered by Voluntary Action Shetland)

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Advocacy Shetland



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Carer Support



Disability Shetland



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Mind Your Head



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Moving On Employment Project



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OPEN Peer Education Project



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Parent Link Shetland 



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Relationships Scotland - Shetland (incorporates Couple Counselling, Community Mediation & Family Mediation) 



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Royal Voluntary Service



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Shetland Befriending Scheme



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Shetland Bereavement Support Service



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Shetland Care Attendant Scheme



 formerly Crossroads

Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau



Shetland Pre-School Play Ltd



Shetland Pre-School Play

Victim Support Shetland



 Victim Support Shetland

Voluntary Action Shetland



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Services offered by Organisations Resident in Market House

Advocacy Shetland
independent, confidential and free voluntary service which helps people have their voices heard

Carer Support
through this Voluntary Action Shetland project, unpaid carers are supported through the Carers Centre with support groups, outreach groups, one-to-one meetings, short break grants, signposting, training, and a one-stop shop approach to relevant information. Also online: Virtual Carers Centre, Facebook page and Twitter Feed.

Disability Shetland
supports the efforts of disabled people to realise their full potential in all areas of life

Mind Your Head
aims to raise mental health awareness in Shetland and reduce the stigma of mental ill-health

Moving On Employment Project
provides support to people with barriers to employment to enter employment through the Job Brokerage Service, as part of the Shetland Employability Pathway.  Offer support to rebuilding confidence and skills so clients become more employable; through accessing work placements and volunteering opportunities initially, leading to paid work and eventually 16+ hours per week employment. Also (until December 2018) supports young people aged 16-25 with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and/or Additional Support Needs through the Transition Service; supporting young people in training, work placements and volunteering opportunities as they move from education into Further Education and Employment.

OPEN Peer Education Project
a project of Voluntary Action Shetland, OPEN supports and trains young people aged 16-25 as Peer Educators, to deliver workshops and training to other young people across Shetland. The 'issue-based' training focuses on sexual health, positive relationships, alcohol and drug use, mental health, online safety and LGBT.  The OPEN project delivers workshops and activities in schools, youth clubs, and various youth projects across Shetland, in order to raise awareness and provide information on important issues concerning young people in a way they can easily access. OPEN provides the training and support young people need to work as part of a team, to design and deliver workshops to other young people; new volunteers welcomed.

Parent Link Shetland
a partnership between Voluntary Action Shetland and Parent Network Scotland, set up to deliver parenting courses to all parents and carers in Shetland

Relationships Scotland - Shetland
incorporates Couple Counselling, Community Mediation & Family Mediation
Couple Counselling: Offers a chance for couples or individuals, who have problems with their intimate relationships, to speak confidentially and in privacy to a trained counsellor. Community Mediation: a free, impartial and confidential means of addressing neighbourhood difficulties should a dispute or disagreement with a neighbour or other member of the community arise. Family Mediation: help parents who have separated or divorced make arrangements for their children’s future in a confidential, impartial and neutral setting.  Mediation can also take place between different generations such as grandparents/parents or parents/teenage children

Through their volunteers, the Royal Voluntary Service helps older people in Shetland to stay independent at home and active in the community.  They offer practical help that can make all the difference - befriending at home, providing transport in the community, bringing people together through social activities or supporting them in hospital or in an emergency. They offer practical solutions to everyday problems like loneliness and isolation

Shetland Befriending Scheme
offers a befriending service to young people aged between 7-25 years. Referrals to the service are made through other agencies if the young person is under 16. The young people referred have been experiencing some sort of difficulty in their lives and befriending offers them some time out and a chance to engage in positive activities with a responsible adult. Scheme now extended to include Over-60s

Shetland Bereavement Support Service
provides help and support to those who have been bereaved through the services of trained counsellors and a library of useful resources

Shetland Care Attendant Scheme (formerly Crossroads)
provides trained Care Attendants to give Carers of vulnerable adults and children quality time to call their own to use as they wish

Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau
free, confidential, independent, impartial advice service

Shetland Pre-School Play Ltd
provides advice, support and training on issues of good practice and management to all pre-school groups in Shetland.  Provide two toy libraries, one of which is for children with additional needs, supply publications and produce a regular newsletter

Voluntary Action Shetland
Shetland’s Third Sector interface, provides support, advice and services both to established voluntary organisations and social enterprises and to new projects; publishes the New Shetlander, represents the interests of the third sector strategically at local and national level. Places volunteers with volunteering opportunities, offers advice on volunteer policy and procedures, provide training and support for voluntary and community groups, volunteer managers and volunteers and administration of Saltire Awards for young people from Secondary One to age 25.


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