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New Shetlander - 282 Yule 2017



Yule comes early with the New Shetlander this year – two weeks earlier than usual. The content is varied as always, leading off with a remarkable article by a young writer just out of primary school: Maddison Reynolds describes what it is like to live with Type 1 diabetes.

Karen Clubb, who has lived in Gotland, Sweden, for the past 8 years with her family, reflects on Home and on making a new home in a foreign country. Mary Blance describes the competition for the Rhoda Bulter Award this year.

Donald Murray contributes an intriguing modern ghost story Dead souls, while James Sinclair’s story A selkie moon has something of the style of an old-fashioned folk tale about it. Christine De Luca has written a vivid dialect translation of the well-known tale Da toon musicians o Bremen - great for reading aloud.

Barbara Fraser is the new Wadder eye writer, and casts her gaze over a satisfying range of topics, from home and further afield. The editorial reflects on the possibility of clearer political thinking in Shetland.

A major article, The Mary LK 981 by Ian Tait, Michael Stratigos and Marc Chivers, will interest all lovers of boats and old Shetland boats in particular. The Mary is the oldest surviving Shetland boat of all – 150 years old – and is on display in the Shetland Museum. All aspects of her history and construction are dealt with here, with 11 illustrations.

Keith Harwood’s article deals with An angling Member of Parliament, John Leslie of Lerwick, M.P. for Sedgefield from 1935-1950. Leslie had a successful and interesting career and was also a keen angler, often returning to Shetland

The poetry features names both well-known and new to the magazine. Christine De Luca’s Remains o da day was inspired by an article in the Hairst issue. Some striking work nowadays comes out of collaborative projects: two examples are published here.  Jacqueline Clark’s Reflections apo hands poems came from a project conducted by Alzheimer Scotland, and Poems and pictures were produced by Scalloway photographers and primary school writers. There are book reviews as usual, including Jim Mainland’s review of Robert Alan Jamieson’s new novel.

The New Shetlander costs only £2. Number 282 is in the shops on 25 November. Its striking cover picture is of a newly-arrived painting in the Shetland Museum collection.

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