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Voluntary Action Shetland administers the Shetland Community Portal to bring you information for the Voluntary and Community Sector and to provide a low-cost option for your group's website

The portal has three main aims:

1. Community Groups
To provide a source of information for local groups and organisations. The ‘Community Toolkit’ will contain guidelines on a wide range of topics, including setting up and running a community group, legal requirements and good practice, insurance, planning and fundraising and links to useful statistical data on the local area. This will be continuously updated to ensure all data is current. Click here to access the Community Toolkit.

2. Residents and Visitors
To provide the people of Shetland, and its visitors, with a quick and efficient way of finding relevant local and national web-based information. This could be anything from weather forecasts, to local transport timetables, to information on benefits and rights, to a local events calendar.

3. Website Development
To present local groups with the opportunity to develop their own websites for inclusion in the Community Portal. These websites will cost less than £1 per week which will include training in how to create and update the website and ongoing support. The website is developed online and requires no additional software or previous experience. A Shetland Community Portal website will increase public awareness for your group, allow you to publicise events and set up discussion groups and forums. Click here for more details of this service.

If you already have a non-commercial website and would like it linked into the Shetland Community Portal, please contact the webmaster.

This is a continuously developing project and we want the experience to be as enjoyable and pain-free as possible. We would love to hear your comments, good and bad. Either contact the webmaster or the web administrator.

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