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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 20th March 2017 at 6.30pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr A Priest, Mr S Henderson & Dr M McDonnell

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk)

Apologies:            Mr J Nicolson, , Mr G Hughson, Mr R Jamieson, Cllr S Coutts  & PC Simon Findlay

Visitors:                Lisa Watt, Primary Care Manager and Edna Mary Watson, Chief Nurse for Primary Care Services, NHS Shetland


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting which started with our visitors from NHS Shetland to discuss the current situation on GP and Nurse recruitment.

3/17/2 VISITORLisa Watt, Primary Care Manager, NHS Shetland. -  GP recruitment

2 GP posts are currently vacant, one in Unst and one in Yell. These are being advertised in the British Medical Journal and on Facebook. The closing date is 31st March and interviews will be held week commencing 17th April. Roger Diggle, Medical Director is leaving at the end of April so they are keen to clear all interviews before he leaves. There has been good interest in both posts with a good variety of applicants; many GPs are sharing the adverts. The Primary Care Team are going to the Thrive conference in Inverness on 28th April, the Health Board will be presenting to newly qualified doctors to try to attract new doctors to the area. The Health Board has been working with Promote Shetland to create a pack for potential new recruits.

3/17/2 VISITOREdna Mary Watson, Chief Nurse for Primary Care Services , NHS Shetland. -  Nurse recruitment

Ms Watson made a presentation about the nursing situation in Yell, Unst & Fetlar including the challenges of recruiting. Some posts have been vacant for some time with another becoming vacant shortly (maternity leave). As there has been no success in recruiting the Health Board are looking at changing the nursing model for the area by possibly recruiting an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) and a Healthcare Support worker. An ANP would help to free up some time of the GP as they would be able to take on more advanced roles and a Healthcare Support worker would be able to do some health checks, tests and routine procedures.

Ms Watt gave an assurance that, given the increasing emphasis on Advanced Nurse Practitioners, there was no intention on the part of Shetland Health Board to place an ANP in Yell in place of a GP, on a temporary or permanent basis.

Other issues discussed:

Ambulance co-ordinator – an advert should be coming out shortly for the position of ambulance co-ordinator in Yell. Radio training for new recruits appears to still be a problem.

Action: clerk to chase up with Peter Smith (Scottish Ambulance Service)

Patient travel to Aberdeen by boat – passenger and escort travel to Aberdeen is currently under review, the costs are too high to sustain so NHS Shetland are looking into ways of saving money.


Physiotherapy Dept – currently has a lot of vacancies so they are not in a position to send staff to the North Isles.


Ms Watt and Ms Watson agreed to keep YCC informed of any progress on recruitment.




3/17/3 MINUTES

13th February 2017 –the minutes from the February meeting were approved by Mrs A Jamieson & Dr M McDonnell

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website




FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Transport Study Consultation – A detailed report has been received.  Members still need to look at this.  
  2. Community Hire request – C Hire request from Kaleidoscope Disco which was received last month was approved by Mrs A Jamieson & Mr S Henderson.
  3. Yell Show Day – SIC offered a charter or community hire for Show Day if required.
  4. C Hire invoice dispute – Mr Odie is meeting with Maggie Sandison on Friday to query the invoice prices.
  5. Flashing signs – ferry info signs at terminals are now set to flash during disruptions


FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Community Hire request – C Hire request received from Lee Jamieson for Bluemull Sound for 29th July was approved by Mr S Henderson & Mr A Priest but advise that prices may change.
  2. New allocation – YCC has received the c hire allocation from SIC, this remains the same at 4 hires for the year.
  3. Summer tt – received and noted
  4. Dry Dock – YCC are disappointed that no notice was given for the latest dry dock disruption. Although the information is on the SIC website it would have been helpful to be reminded via FB/email/text alerts. YCC also query why the dry dock takes so long, there seems to be no urgency to get the ferry back and also note that our ferries are away longer than the Northlink ferries. YCC also query why major roadworks were scheduled at the same time as the dry dock when we are using a small ferry. A convoy of tarring trucks were trying to get to Yell on the first day of the small ferry being in operation. This lead to chaos at Toft in the morning and Ulsta later in the day.
  5. Information request – YCC further request information on the number of vehicles being left behind at terminals, it is understood that this information is being recorded.
  6. Vending machines – YCC query if the vending machines are going to be fixed or replaced during the re-fits.

Action: Mr Odie meeting with M Sandison


4.2 ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Loose grid – the double grid by the boating club in Mid Yell was to be investigated and fixed or replaced, YCC note that there is a section missing so this should be treated as urgent.
  2. Drainage at Ulsta junction this should be dealt with in due course.
  3. 30mph in Mid Yell – this is being brought up at the ASCC meeting on 25th

Action: clerk to contact roads dept


4.3  MID YELL CHURCH – YCC had queried if any communication with the community had been done regarding the closure of the Mid Yell Church and what was to happen to the war memorials. No reply to date but there was an article in The Shetland Times asking for suggestions.


4.4 COUNTY GARAGE – this has now been demolished and landscaped. The site now looks much better and is far safer. YCC would like to thank Mr Brian Wood, SIC Infrastructure Services and Tulloch Construction for transforming the area from an eyesore to an asset.



  1. Planning Issue – Following a site visit by Environmental Health and a meeting with Mr Odie the pre-application in Burravoe that had previously been recommended for refusal has now had that decision reversed.
  2. 2017/044/PPP single storey dwelling house at Vatster, Yell, noted.



  1. Core funding and the Distribution Fund applications have been sent to SIC. Project Grant Fund needs to be completed and sent to SIC by Friday 23rd
  2. Mid Yell Development Group have asked YCC to support them in their application for a CDF grant from SIC to revamp the toilets on the Mid Yell Pier. Approved by Mr S Henderson and Mrs A Jamieson.
  3. Yell show committee sent in an updated application for change of use, Mr Odie declared an interest; this was approved by Mr A Priest & Mrs A Jamieson.
  4. Whale Firth Men’s Shed have applied to YCC for a start up grant, they have a number of men signed up to this new initiative but the building needs some urgent repairs before it can be used. The work will be carried out by the new members on a voluntary basis. Dr McDonnell declared an interest. A start up grant of £500 was approved by Mr A Priest and Mr S Henderson
  5. Cullivoe Up Helly Aa applied for a grant from YCC to upgrade the galley shed and create an exhibition to mark the 60th Mr Odie declared an interest. Members agreed to hold this over until the next financial year when more funds might be available.



  1. Lights At Mid Yell Pier – these are now all fixed
  2. HORSA building – no reply to date.




  1. ASCC meeting – the council is looking to CCs to take over more things in the community. Currently the ASCC is used as a distribution point for the council. It is proposed that a CCLO should be used for all contact with SIC. Members feel that this would be a step backwards. There is an ASCC meeting on Saturday. Mr Odie and Mr Priest will attend.
  2. SSE submarine cables – YCC has received a letter from SSE about their plans to replace the submarine cables between Mossbank and Yell and Yell and Unst, they will be holding local events to gather views and detail the plans, routes and methods. They will be in Lerwick on 25th & 26th April, at Cullivoe Hall from 5-7pm on 26th April and at Baltasound Hall from 4-7pm on 27th April



A large number of cars have gathered at the site of the old Motel at Cunnister

Action: clerk to contact Environmental Health





The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 17th April 2017 in the Westsandwick Hall at 7pm

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