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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 19th June 2017 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr G Hughson, Mr J Nicolson, Ms L Cunningham & Dr M McDonnell

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk), Ms F Browne (N.I Dev officer)

Apologies:            Mr A Priest, & Mr R Jamieson


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.


6/17/2 MINUTES

15th May 2017 –with one slight amendment the minutes from the May meeting were approved by Mrs A Jamieson & Dr M McDonnell

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website

It was noted that some emails between meetings were being missed from the minutes the following month, clerk to track this.

Data Protection – clerk to get clarification from SIC legal team in regards to forwarding emails sent to YCC from members of the public.



The North Isles Community Involvement & Development officer reported that:

  1. She is continuing to speak to the elderly in the community to investigate whether they have any concerns, including issues around isolation and transport.
  2. Peerie Breeks are having issues with attendance so are looking at solutions for this.
  3. She is also helping the Whalefirth Men’s Shed with an issue they have with the building.




FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Simplified Bluemull timetable – a new simplified timetable for Bluemull Sound has been produced and is available on the SIC website and at the ferry terminals, this will be easier for tourists to understand.
  2. Vending machine – the vending machine from one of the Yell Sound ferries has been removed, YCC query if it is going to be replaced or any other solution brought in.
  3. Later ferry costs – YCC have repeatedly been told that moving the 22.55pm ferry to 23.15pm would incur extra costs. YCC request information on what that cost would be.
  4. Winter timetable changes – YCC have a number of timetable change requests for the winter timetable; increase frequency on Saturday and Sunday, a full service on Monday and the last ferry to be moved to 23.15pm
  5. Increased capacity – YCC request information on the ferry capacity figures now that the salmon production has increased. With extra fares and landing fees coming into the council, YCC feel that the Yell Sound ferry can afford the extra runs requested.
  6. Community Hire – a community hire request was received from the Yell Show committee for additional ferries on Yell Show Day, 2nd Mr Odie and Mr Nicolson declared an interest. This was approved by Mr G Hughson and Mrs A Jamieson.

Action: clerk to contact ferries dept


4.2  ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. 30mph in Mid Yell – YCC have invited Neil Hutcheson to the next meeting to give a road safety presentation.
  2. 20mph outside school the 30mph signs have been put on the reverse side of the 20mph signs so this is now complete.
  3. Speeding in Mid Yell – a temporary speed detector has been installed at Sunnyside in Mid Yell but this is not currently working, it is understood to have a flat battery.
  4. Give way - A give way sign has been installed near Aywick shop.


ROADS – Matters arising

  1. Gutcher Approach YCC would like to request that the area approaching the Gutcher ferry terminal to be 30mph as there have been a few near misses recently with folk coming out of the Gutcher Cafe.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept


 4.4  SCHOOLS – Mr George Smith, Chairman of the Education and Families Committee and his vice-chair, Mr Theo Smith have recently visited Baltasound Junior High School.



  1. GP/nurse vacancies – it is understood that there is a nurse who is very interested in coming to work in Yell but is having trouble locating suitable accommodation, NHS have been told by SIC that there are no council houses available in Yell. YCC put a request for accommodation on the Facebook page and members have spoken to individuals. YCC know there are empty council houses in Yell but don’t know if they have already been allocated. The GP vacancy has now been advertised separately and not as a joint advert with Unst. Various measures have already been put to SHB to tackle specific problems in the single handed practices but the SHB would not support separate provisions for SHRPS which resulted in anomalies with other practices although the on call commitments of SHRPS are already anomalous. YCC request a full update on the situation.
  2. Ambulance in Yell – the Scottish Ambulance Service is still looking for a replacement co-ordinator in Yell but has not been successful to date. YCC has advertised this post on their Facebook page and although there are folk who are interested in this position, the applicants have had no reply from the Ambulance Service.
  3. Health & Social Care Integration - If Health & Social Care are to be integrated, YCC would like to know what steps NHS are taking to implement this.
  4. Dispensing in Unst – Unst CC have informed us that they are also losing their dispensing service to Brae and are also very concerned about this. They are hoping to have this reviewed in 6 months.
  5. Dentist – although Yell now has a dentist for 2 days a week the waiting list is so long that patients have to wait a very long time for checkups and treatment.


4.6  PARTICIPATION REQUEST – As YCC are continuing to have trouble getting replies from many departments on some very serious issues, Ms Browne is to find details about Participation Requests which are part of Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act which came into force on 1st April 2017.


4.7  HOUSING – in light of the issue at 4.5.1 and the increased production of Salmon at the factory in Mid Yell, YCC would like to invite SIC Housing and Hjaltland Housing to the next meeting on 17th July. A member of the community had also sent an email regarding housing in Yell.


4.8  FESTIYELL MEETING – as per the minutes of the May YCC meeting, the suggested meeting date for FestiYell was not convenient, clerk to try to re-arrange for 3rd July.



2017/181/PPF resiting previously consented modular housing units at Cullivoe Pier, noted.



POST OFFICE MID YELL –The Post Office in Mid Yell closed on 4th May, this was the main sub office for Yell which was open for 40 hours per week, it was the only place on Yell that you could buy car tax if not available online and where undelivered items went to, it was also the sorting office for the island. Although the sorting office has now relocated to Sellafirth there is no place that undelivered items or underpaid post can go, this has resulted in some items being sent to Ireland as the main hub for undelivered items.                             

  Action: Clerk to forward concerns on to Bruce Crossan, Lerwick Post Office and Alistair Carmichael


CC CONSTITUTION – Yell CC have received their new updated constitution in the post, clerk to request electronic copy for easier distribution to members.



MID YELL CHURCH/WAR MEMORIAL – YCC request an update on the current situation of the Church and the War Memorial.

Action: clerk to contact Mr Anderson and SIC burial dept



  1. Although it had been previously agreed to commit £500 of 16/17 funds for this years KSB Seaside Awards this would take us into a negative carry over figure so this has now been reduced to £300.
  2. The Old Haa has submitted the receipt for their CDF grant, payment approved by Mr G Hughson and Ms L Cunningham.
  3. Picnic Benches – members discussed the possible siting of picnic benches. Suggestions were Vatster, Mid Yell, Ulsta and Gutcher. Clerk to check with land owners for permission.



  1. KSB – have sent 2 flags for Westsandwick and Breckon Beach, Mr Nicolson and Mr Odie will try to put these up.
  2. Merchant Navy Day – YCC have received information about Merchant Navy Day.
  3. Whalefirth Men’s Shed – have sent a letter of thanks for their start up grant.
  4. Community Renewable Energy Project – Mr Odie to look into land ownership.


  1. MYDG - have sent their thanks to YCC for supporting them in their application for CDF grant funding.
  2. Review of support to ASCC – SIC Dev Services are looking at the options for future support to the ASCC. A report was sent to all CCs with various options to choose from. YCC supported option 4.1.5 – The ASCC proposes another solution to ensure ongoing admin support. At the ASCC meeting the majority voted for option 4.1.4 – The council provides ASCC admin support in house.
  3. Housing Policy – clerk to request Housing Policy before next meeting.





The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 17th July 2017 in the Westsandwick Hall at 7pm

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