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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 17th July 2017 at 7.00pm in the Westsandwick Hall


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr A Priest, Mr R Jamieson, Mr G Hughson, Ms L Cunningham & Mr S Henderson

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk), Ms F Browne (N.I Dev officer), Cllr R Thomson (ex-officio)

Apologies:            Dr M McDonnell, Mr J Nicolson, PC S Findlay & Cllr D Simpson

Visitors:                Mr N Hutcheson (SIC Roads), Mr Brendan Hall (Community Client development), Dr A Souhami (Edinburgh Law School)


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.

7/17/2.1 VISITOR – Neil Hutcheson (SIC Roads Dept)

Mr Hutcheson gave a road safety presentation on setting local speed limits to enhance safety. The methods of determining speed limits changed in 2006 since then a speed assessment framework is used. Usually the national speed limits are used; if anything other than these is requested then a consultation process takes place. The first step in this process is using traffic counters to see what speed folk are actually doing then a number of others factors are added in to determine what is possible. Members were concerned about the Sunnyside end of Mid Yell, Mr Hutcheson reassured members that when the tests were done on this stretch of road, the density criteria failed as the houses are set back from the road so they also used the old system of assessment and this criteria also failed. Members asked that as this was only ‘guidance’ criteria, could it be over ruled but Mr Hutcheson said it couldn’t. There are other signs that could be used in the area, ‘Pedestrians in Road’, ‘Reduce Speed Now’ and ‘Concealed Entrance’ are all possibilities.


2.2  ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Speeding in Mid Yell – a temporary speed detector has been installed at Sunnyside in Mid Yell but this is not currently working, it is understood to have a flat battery.
  2. Gutcher Approach Speed limit A draft order has been draw up to reduce the speed limit coming to Gutcher ferry terminal, consultation papers should be received soon.
  3. Road improvements – in general were discussed.
  4. Mid Yell Road sign – the sign that has been missing from the head of the voe will go back up in due course.

2.2  ROADS – Matters arising

  1. Burravoe footpath – between the school and the hall the path has large rough stones on it so is rarely used with folk using the road instead. It is also covered in weeds. YCC request that this is resurfaced.


Mr Hutcheson left the meeting at 7.50pm



7/17/3 VISITOR - Mr Brendan Hall Community Planning

Mr Hall came to the meeting to talk to members about Participation Requests.  Participation Requests (P.R) are part of the Community Empowerment Act, full details can be found using the following link:

P.Rs can be set in motion by any community body to any public service provider(s) and are used to highlight particular needs and to become more involved in the decision process. The public service provider has 30 days to start the interaction or 45 days if there is more than 1 public service provider involved.


Mr Hall left the meeting at 8.25pm




  1. GP/nurse vacancies – SIC have informed NHS that there is not enough available housing stock in Yell to offer a corporate let but any potential NHS staff could apply direct to the council for housing. Despite advertising the GP post on 3 occasions there is very little interest in the position. NHS query if the out of hours element is deterring applicants so they are looking into other options for this. This could mean employing an Advanced Nurse Practitioner to cover the out of hours. YCC are concerned that this would mean the ANP working on their own without the back up of a GP.
  2. Ambulance in Yell – the Scottish Ambulance Service are now looking at applicants for the Ambulance Coordinator for Yell.
  3. Health & Social Care Integration - YCC asked what steps NHS were taking to implement this. The joint directorate, the SIC, the Integration Joint Board and NHS corporate functions are working together and are pleased with the services being provided.
  4. Dentist – although Yell now has a dentist for 2 days a week the waiting list is so long that patients have to wait a very long time for checkups and treatment. NHS is hoping to recruit a dental therapist to help reduce waiting times.
  5. NHS 24 complaint – Mr Odie read a complaint regarding NHS24. YCC appreciate this feedback and are grateful that this has been brought to their attention. All complaints relating to health issues should be dealt with through Yell Health Centre, they have all the relevant paperwork to get these to the correct person/dept.
  6. NHS24 response times – YCC request information on NHS24 response times for Yell and the number of issues experienced.
  7. Dispensing in Unst – Unst health centre are concerned that the dispensing option being taken away will be detrimental to recruitment for a GP.

Action: Invite SIC & Hjaltland housing, Yell Health Support Group and Health Improvement to Sept meeting.

Action: Ask local businesses and school if there is an issue with lack of social housing in Yell.


Housing Policy – the housing policy was received and distributed to members.


7/17/5 VISITOR – Dr A Souhami - Criminologist, Edinburgh Law School

Dr Souhami is doing research for Police Scotland on how policing works in island communities. She was very interested to hear about the road safety issues discussed at the beginning of the meeting. Members agreed that functions don’t really need a police presence but having a local policeman is very positive. He gets to know folk and a police presence deters drink driving. Policing in a small community is very different from policing in a city.


Dr Souhami left the meeting at 9.10pm



7/17/6 MINUTES

19th June 2017 –the minutes from the June meeting were approved by Mr G Hughson & Ms L Cunningham

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website




FERRIES – Matters arising

Mr Odie read a letter from Transport Scotland about the Ferries Procurement Policy Review


Cllr R Thomson left the meeting at 9.15pm


FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Vending machine – SIC are looking into solutions for the ongoing vending machine problems.
  2. Later ferry costs - YCC requested information on what that cost would be to move the last ferry to 23.15pm. No reply to date.
  3. Winter timetable changes – YCC have now forwarded timetable change requests to SIC for consideration.
  4. Increased capacity – YCC request information on the ferry capacity figures now that the salmon production has increased. With extra fares and landing fees coming into the council, YCC feel that the Yell Sound ferry can afford the extra runs requested. No reply to date.
  5. Community Hire – a community hire request for Yell Show day was requested but not yet approved by SIC.


Action: clerk to contact ferries dept


7.2  CC CONSTITUTION – Yell CC have received their new updated constitution, due to time constraints this item was held until next meeting.


7.3 MID YELL CHURCH/WAR MEMORIAL – YCC are now registered as an interested party with War Memorial Trust. If the church were to be opened as a public building then the war memorials could be left in situ. Mrs Jamieson is the YCC contact for any correspondence and will continue to deal with this issue.



There were no new planning applications



  1. Once again, many funding opportunity emails have been received.
  2. 2 road grant applications were received; one had already been completed so was declined. Mr R Williamson road grant was approved by Mr S Henderson & Mr R Jamieson, subject to checking the road length.



Registrar – Unst CC are about to lose the services of their registrar and SIC are not going to find a replacement. Unst CC chairman, Mr G Thomson had asked for YCC views on this. YCC feel that not having a registrar is an inconvenience. Clerk to share correspondence from SIC with Unst CC.

FestiYell meeting – at the meeting on 3rd July Ms Browne took notes and will forward to YCC when complete. Next meeting is on 12th Sept at Sellafirth Hall.



HIAL survey on air services to the islands was received, noted and put on YCC FB page.

Building Standards Update received and noted.

Citizens Advice Bureau survey received and noted.


Ms F Browne left the meeting at 9.50pm



Data Protection – all personal details from any correspondence is to be redacted by clerk before being sent to CC members.

Mid Yell Post Office – as per June meeting clerk to forward concerns to Lerwick Post Office, Bruce Corran and Alistair Carmichael.

Abandoned vehicles and rubbish – there are 2 abandoned vehicles and rubbish at Sunnyside and an abandoned vehicle at Cullivoe Hall. Clerk to contact land owner and environmental health.

Telephone box – the telephone box at Mid Yell Pier needs to be removed.



7/17/13  OUTSTANDING BUSINESS – to carry forward

Community Renewable Energy Project







The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 21st August 2017 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm

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