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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 16th January 2017 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr G Hughson, Dr M McDonnell, Mr A Priest, Mr R Jamieson,

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk), Cllr S Coutts (ex-officio), Ms Frances Browne (N.I. Dev Worker),

Apologies:            Mr J Nicolson, Mr S Henderson & PC Simon Findlay

Also present was Mr Robert Thomson.


1/17/2 MINUTES

19th December 2016 – minutes from the December meeting were approved by Mr G Hughson and Mr R Jamieson

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website



FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Transport Study Consultation –. A detailed report has been received. Some members have had a brief look through this and think there is an error in the environmental impact figures.   Members to look at this before the next meeting.
  2. Ferry Disruptions – YCC are concerned about the amount of ferry disruptions occurring due to lack of staff and ferry breakdowns, especially the 7.45 from Ulsta. SIC replied that there had only been 2 in the last quarter.
  3. Sullom request – YCC have received an email from some Sullom Voe workers requesting the first ferry to be made slightly earlier so they are not late for work. As this could put jobs at risk YCC requested that the TT be looked at and consider changing in time for the summer TT. SIC replied saying they could not facilitate this due to the cost but would keep the matter under review. YCC request what the cost of this change would be.
  4. Drinks machines – the drinks machines are not working again, YCC requested that this is looked into for a better solution. SIC hope to get these fixed soon but they are becoming too expensive to maintain.
  5. Monday timetable – as the salmon traffic will be increasing from early Jan, YCC requested that the Monday TT be looked at again. SIC continue to monitor this but there are currently no plans to change things.


FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. C Hire request – a provisional request for a community hire on 22nd April has been received for a disco in Mid Yell although no application form received. Clerk to request ferry from SIC once application comes in and get formal approval at next meeting.
  2. Timetable changes – YCC would like clarification on when TT change requests should be in so they are not too late or too early and then forgotten.
  3. Friday 13th Jan – Weather conditions on this day lead to ferry disruptions which folk accept but once the ferries started running at 12.45 there was such a queue that some cars were left behind, the next ferry was then at 1.55pm which was also the first ferry from Toft . As the ferry had been off all morning YCC query why they couldn’t do a double run to get folk moving once the weather improved.
  4. Communications – Also on Friday 13th Jan, text from ferry services just stated, ‘call voicebank’ but the voicebank was only updated several minutes after the text had been sent so when folk phoned they only got the previous message. This text isn’t helpful, contains no information and forces folk to then make a phone call. YCC request the use of ‘weather suspended’, ‘single vessel’ or ‘weather disruptions’ and ‘services resumed’ instead.
  5. Invite to meeting – YCC again would like to invite Craig Robertson and Michael Craigie to our next meeting to discuss all our ferry issues, this is a very important subject to all island folk so we are prepared to change our meeting date to suit.
  6. Funding of Ferries – It is understood that SIC still has no decision from Scottish Gov’t regarding the funding of ferries for 2017-18.
  7. Restrictive Service – Living in a progressive society where folk are demanding more freedom and less limitation is very hard to reconcile with a regressive and very restrictive ferry service.


Action: clerk to contact Ferries Dept and invite to next meeting



3.2 ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. 30mph extension – this will be done once contractors are available. SIC are not aware of any similar request from Whalsay CC.
  2. Dips in road – there are 3 bad dips in Mid Yell and 1 in Basta Park which are getting worse. Inspectors came to visit the areas.
  3. Road markings at Gas Plant – members are concerned about the lack of safety road marking at the Gas Plant. Road markings will be done in the spring when weather permits.
  4. Cullivoe street lighting – Cullivoe Parent Council are concerned about the lack of street lighting outside the school, Roads replied stating this was a schools dept remit. Clerk to clarify which road.
  5. 20mph outside Mid Yell School – YCC query if this job has been completed as there are no signs on the road and no 30mph signs on the reverse side of the 20mph.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept




  1. GPYCC members Mr Odie, Dr McDonnell and Mrs Jamieson met with Shetland Health Board on 13th January to discuss the GP vacancy. The post has not yet been advertised but it was clear from the meeting that a dispensing option would not be available. The terms and conditions of employment need to be ironed out to attract as many applicants as possible.
  2. Nurse – Yell health centre is still short of 1 nurse, Ms Edna Mary Watson (Chair of area clinical forum) is sending a letter to YCC about this but it has not been received as yet.
  3. Health & Social Care Integration – Members felt that although the report is full of good intent there were no details of how they the suggestions were going to be implemented. YCC queried if there is a community physiotherapist in place for when patients are released from hospital under this initiative. No reply to date
  4. Invitation – Clerk to invite Lisa Watt (Service manager – Primary care) to discuss all the above matters.

Action: Dr M MacDonnell to liaise with NHS Shetland



  1. Planning Guidance – concerning planning applications in the vicinity of a wind turbine. A reply was received on the morning of the meeting, as some members had not seen this before the meeting it will be carried to next month.
  2. 2016/035/MAR – change of fish farm equipment – noted
  3. 2016/176/PREAPP – Mr L Odie is meeting with environmental health to discuss planning issue with wind turbines. It would appear that rules are interpreted differently when applying to build a house and erecting a turbine.
  4. Cost of outline PP – The cost of outline planning permission is going to increase as it will be advertised in the Shetland Times instead of folk doing their own neighbourhood notifications.



  1. Ferry c hire invoice – clerk to again request invoices for the excess community hires that YCC have had over their quota from 2014 onwards.
  2. Clerk to request all grantor paperwork be submitted and an update on all projects before the end of the month.
  3. The 2 road grants received were considered, 1 was declined as they had a grant last year, advise they can apply again in the new year. 1 to be re-measured by members.
  4. As there are still funds left for distribution clerk to re-advertise in shops and FB, also forward to Ms Browne for distribution to groups.



  1. Correspondence has been received about lighting at Ferryview, Ulsta.
  2. There is a road safety issue at Aywick, clerk to forward details onto roads dept.


  1. Notice of Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Asset Transfer Guidance was received, details can be found at:
  2. There is a one hour webinar on 25th January delivered by HIE to help groups in the early stages of project planning.
  3. Refuse collection notices for the Christmas period were wrong for most of Yell. It was advertised that Wednesday collections would be as normal but they were not collected until the Friday on each of the 2 festive weeks. This led to litter being spread around by birds and cats attacking the bin bags.
  4. Consultation on Health & Social Care, members to check and respond.
  5. GP job advert – clerk to forward to members as soon as it comes in and ask for speedy responses.
  6. Defibrillator info – we were sent a list of all the defibrillators around Shetland. One is about to be installed at Burravoe Hall, clerk to forward info so it can be added to list.
  7. Mid Yell Church has been closed on the grounds of safety. YCC query what consultations were done and what will happen to the artefacts inside the church.
  8. HORSA building is dangerous and an eyesore, YCC query what is happening with this building and ask that it can be looked at for safety reasons.
  9. Mr Robert Thomson is trying to get fibre optic broadband set up and will be sending out a survey to see what folk want. The current broadband speed and mobile signal is detrimental to the growth of the isles. High speed broadband will future proof the isles.
  10. Grass cutting in Mid Yell, it was decided to make sure certain areas were kept cut for safety reasons but to leave others areas to grow longer. Clerk to forward map to estate operations.
  11. Lights at Mid Yell Pier – the lights on the pier are not working, YCC request these are fixed for safety reasons.
  12. Old cars – there are a lot of old cars around the island, clerk to check with Amenity Trust about the rules on removal.
  13. SCT are considering plans to reduce the number of councillor trustees. The Shetland Times is launching a campaign asking citizens to put in an objection to OSCR. See Shetland Times 20/01/17 for details.


    16. YCC query how many pre-planning applications have been turned down throughout Shetland.








The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 13th February 2017 in the Mid Yell Junior High School at 7pm

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