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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 13th February 2017 at 6.30pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr G Hughson & Dr M McDonnell

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk)

Apologies:            Mr J Nicolson, Mr S Henderson, Mr A Priest, Mr R Jamieson, Cllr S Coutts  & PC Simon Findlay


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting which began at 6.30pm to accommodate ferry timings for Mr Peter Smith.

2/17/2 VISITORMr Peter Smith Paramedic Team Leader, Scottish Ambulance Service.  Peter Smith joined us to discuss the ambulance service in Yell.  Mr Robert Goodlad who is the current contractor for the ambulance service in Yell will be retiring from the service at the end of March. Mr Smith reassured members that he would like to keep the same model going forward as is currently available. Robert’s role is to ensure there is cover when he is not available, ensure that the ambulance is charged up and ready to go, and to make sure there is ample oxygen and other supplies on board at any given time as well as doing the admin that is involved. Currently the ambulance is kept at Roberts house as Robert does most of the cover for the service.  Finding somewhere to keep the ambulance isn’t really a problem as there are plenty of potential places where this is possible. SAS has an obligation to provide pre-hospital care. It might be necessary to recruit 2 or 3 folk to provide enough cover. They plan to advertise for this role shortly.

When there is an established GP the call outs would be around 2 or 3 per month but when locums are being used who don’t know patient histories they are more likely to admit a patient to hospital.  There is 4 days of training which can be delivered in the isles so folk don’t need to go to Lerwick for the training and it also doesn’t need to be done all in one block, the training can be broken up if needed.

MS F BROWNE JOINED THE MEETING AT 6.55PM is a charity providing community auto defibrillators, they have provided the defib box  in Fetlar. All first responders in Fetlar are volunteers who help the nurse in the case of an emergency.



2/17/3 MINUTES

16th January 2017 – with one error correction the minutes from the January meeting were approved by Mr G Hughson and Mrs A Jamieson

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website



Men’s Shed – the Men’s Shed project is currently being set up at the Herra Hall.

Sellafirth Hall – Sellafirth Hall have got through stage 1 of the LEADER application and now starting with stage 2. This is for upgrading and refurbishing the hall.





FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Transport Study Consultation –. A detailed report has been received. Members still need to look at this.  
  2. Sullom request – YCC asked what the cost would be to change the timetable to fit in better with Sullom shift workers. This would equate to 90 mins overtime per day which is not possible at this time.
  3. Timetable changes – YCC asked for clarification on when to request any TT change requests . Ferries have provided a timetable for such requests
  4. Friday 13th Jan – When weather disrupts the ferries, SIC will endeavour to get folk moving asap with better communications in future although they find it is better to stick to the timetable where possible to avoid confusion.
  5. Communications – YCC requested that ferry communications be less confusing, SIC are working on this but admit that when trying to fix a problem/breakdown, the communication is usually bottom priority.

As all the above replies had only come in on the day of our meeting some members had not seen them so carry to next meeting for consideration.

FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Yell Show Day – we have had a request from the Yell Show Committee to ask SIC if it is possible to put on some extra runs for Yell Show day as many folk who would like to come cannot due to restrictions of the Saturday ferry timetable.
  2. Community Hire request – C Hire request received from Shetland Folk Festival for 28th April after the concert at Mid Yell Hall. Approved by Mr G Hughson & Mrs A Jamieson
  3. C Hire invoices – we have received the invoices from Ferry Services for the additional c hires in 14/15 and 15/16 but members dispute the costs. Clerk to find all correspondence relating to these. Mr Odie to take up matter.
  4. Flashing signs – when single ferry is in use and therefore no booked priority it is still not clear. Folk are still going to the front of the queue to get on. YCC further request to make the signs flash to make it more obvious when disruptions are in place.

 Action: clerk to contact Ferries Dept


5.2 ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Dips in road – there are 3 bad dips in Mid Yell and 1 in Basta Park which are getting worse. These have now been identified and will be prioritised in the usual manner.
  2. Cullivoe street lighting – Cullivoe Parent Council are concerned about the lack of street lighting outside the school, all lights in the scheme are scheduled to be replaced, when this is done it is possible to add a column at the junction. The one that is currently out will be fixed in the meantime.
  3. 20mph outside Mid Yell School – YCC queried if this job has been completed as there are no signs on the road and no 30mph signs on the reverse side of the 20mph. SIC to contact contractor to finish this.
  4. Aywick junction – the road safety issue at the Aywick junction was forwarded to SIC, they have scheduled works to put in the markings and signs
  5. Lighting at Ferryview – SIC replied that they would not be able to move the working light to the road edge. Resident is taking this matter up with Police Scotland.


  • ROADS – Matters arising
  1. Resurfacing Programme 2017 – we have received the resurfacing and surface dressing programme for 2017
  2. Loose grid – the double grid by the boating club in Mid Yell has become loose and is very rattley, the nearest neighbours can hear this from inside their house.
  3. Drainage at Ulsta junction water is coming down the Ulsta road at the junction near the hall coming towards the main road. This is icing over on cold mornings making it very hazardous.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept



  1. GPYCC have received the advert for the GP position. Dr McDonnell to go over this and send comments to NHS Shetland.
  2. Nurse
  3. Health & Social Care Integration
  4. Fetlar medications – Fetlar folk are finding difficulty with dispensing medications only going in once a fortnight when the GP visits.

A team from NHS Shetland are coming to the March YCC meeting to discuss all outstanding issues.

Action: Dr M MacDonnell to liaise with NHS Shetland


2/17/5.4 Old cars – old cars can be picked up free of charge from the islands with the owners’ permission. Amenity Trust will collect certain makes of cars and 60 North will collect anything else. Details can be found at:

2/17/5.5 Refuse collections 2017/18 – YCC queried about the wrong days being advertised for the Wednesday collections over the festive period. Waste management agreed that the advert was a little confusing.

2/17/5.6 Mid Yell Church – YCC had queried if any communication with the community had been done regarding the closure of the Mid Yell Church, YCC received a reply ensuring members that all the correct procedures were complied with. Ms Browne said she thought there could be funding available to keep the church if there was a strong local group who were willing to take it on. YCC further query what will happen to the war memorial and ask if they can be told when it comes up for sale on the Church of Scotland website so we can also help to advertise it.



  1. Planning Issue - Mr L Odie is met with environmental health to discuss planning issue with wind turbines. It would appear that rules are interpreted differently when applying to build a house and erecting a turbine. They visited a site and found that only one turbine could be seen from one corner of the proposed site. They then went to various sites around Burravoe to discuss issues.





  1. Members agreed to apply for the KSB seaside award for this year. Commit £500 of funds to KSB budget. Approved by Mr G Hughson & Mr l Odie
  2. Westsandwick Hall applied for a grant for £500 towards a retractable mount for their new projector. Approved by Mr G Hughson and Mrs A Jamieson.
  3. Burravoe Shop have submitted the receipts for the materials for their project but the work has not been completed. Members agreed to allocate the funds but stipulate that the work must be completed before end Aug or money must be returned.
  4. Yell show committee requested a change of use for their grant as they could not get a shed as per the original application. Mr Odie declared an interest. Members agreed that they needed to re-submit their application form for consideration at the next meeting. Clerk to advise that they can start the purchase before it is approved but this will be at their own risk.
  5. A road grant application was received and considered by members but this was declined as this resident had a grant last year. Clerk to advise to apply in the new financial year.



  1. Lights At Mid Yell Pier – most of these have been fixed, only 1 still to be fixed. Clerk to contact Port Operations
  2. HORSA building – no reply to date, clerk to follow up
  3. County Garage – YCC query when this building is due for demolition and what is going to happen to the site.
  4. Broadband meeting – A meeting was held in North Ness Hall to bring together communities and organisations involved in the efforts to improve broadband coverage and speed in the North Isles. A consultation is already underway to map the broadband coverage throughout the whole of Scotland. NI4CB will carry out a new survey as the previous one is now outdated. Full notes of the meeting are available from Mr Thomson.









The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 20th March 2017 in the Mid Yell Junior High School at 7pm

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