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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 19th December 2016 at 8.00pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mr G Hughson, Mr A Priest, Mr R Jamieson, Mr J Nicolson & Mr S Henderson

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk), PC Simon Findlay

Apologies:            Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Dr M McDonnell, Ms Frances Browne (N.I. Dev Worker), & Cllr S Coutts (ex-officio)


12/16/2 MINUTES

21st November 2016 – minutes from the November meeting were approved by Mr G Hughson and Mr S Henderson

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website




FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Transport Study Consultation – YCC requested how many folk responded to the survey monkey for this study. A detailed report has been received. Members to look at this before the next meeting.
  2. Ferry Disruptions – YCC are concerned about the amount of ferry disruptions occurring due to lack of staff and ferry breakdowns, especially the 7.45 from Ulsta. No reply at date of meeting


FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Sullom request – YCC have received an email from some Sullom Voe workers requesting the first ferry to be made slightly earlier so they are not late for work.  As this could put jobs at risk YCC request that the tt be looked at and consider changing in time for the summer tt. Clerk to forward request to MC & CR
  2. Drinks machines – the drinks machines are not working again, YCC further request that this is looked into for a better solution.
  3. Monday timetable – Aith Salmon will be starting in early January which will increase the traffic on Yell Sound. The income from ferry fares on Yell Sound is substantial, YCC further request that the Monday tt be looked at immediately.

Action: clerk to contact Ferries Dept and invite to next meeting


3.2 ROADS – Matter arising

  1. 30mph extension – it is understood that Whalsay have had the same problem with trying to move a 30mph speed limit, although they have also been told it is not possible to extend a limit by moving the post by a few meters they have been told they can install a warning sign to help slow folk down.
  2. Dips in road – there are 3 bad dips in Mid Yell and 1 in Basta Park which are getting worse. Members are happy to meet with inspectors to show the problem areas.
  3. Road markings at Gas Plant – members are concerned about the lack of safety road marking at the Gas Plant. The black tar and the dark nights are dangerous, YCC query if cats eyes can be installed.
  4. Cullivoe street lighting – Cullivoe Parent Council are concerned about the lack of street lighting outside the school, there are no pavements and cars are turning and feel this is an important safety issue.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept and enquire about warning signs



  1. GPYCC members Mr Odie, Dr McDonnell and Mrs Jamieson met with Tavish Scott on Saturday 12th December to discuss the current situation in Yell. Dr McDonnell gave Tavish Scott the history of GPs in Yell and pay structure options. Prescribing options were also discussed. Above members and Tavish Scott to meet with Ralph Roberts in early January to discuss. YCC have received a letter of support from Fetlar CC, clerk to forward to Tavish Scott
  2. Health & Social Care Integration – YCC further query if there is a community physiotherapist in place for when patients are released from hospital under this initiative. No reply to date

Action: Dr M MacDonnell to liaise with NHS Shetland and Tavish Scott


4.4 WIND FARMS – Shetland Community Benefit Fund

Viking Energy is to be made dormant for the next financial year.



  1. Planning Guidance - YCC have requested clarity on the guidance given for new builds and the proximity to wind turbines, no reply to date. This was brought up at the ASCC meeting in October. YCC are concerned about the inconsistency on guidance regarding the distances from wind turbines.
  2. 2016/414/PPF – EE telecoms mast at Sellafirth – this was welcomed by members



  1. £100 grant was received from Rotary Club to help towards the pensioners Christmas dinner. Clerk to forward funds to Yell Friendship Group
  2. Receipts from Yell Cancer Support have been received for their grant of £300
  3. Clerk to send reminders to all grantees to send in overdue paperwork for processing
  4. 2 road grant applications were received, these are to be held until next meeting



  1. YCC received notification of a consultation that has recently gone live about Building Warrant Fees increasing. The consultation is accessible at:
  2. Refuse collection notice received – Yell is not affected and still has a Wednesday collection over the festive period.
  3. As planning permission is being denied on the grounds that it goes against the guidance in the Shetland Development Plan, this means that the plan is stunting the growth of rural areas



  1. Cullivoe glass and tin banks are full and need emptying.
  2. YCC are not getting timely email responses from several SIC depts., clerk to set up spreadsheet to monitor






The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 16th January 2017 in the Mid Yell Junior High School at 7pm


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