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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 21st August 2017 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair) &  Mr G Hughson

In Attendance:      Mrs J Lyth (Clerk) & Cllr R Thomson (ex-officio)

Apologies:            Dr M McDonnell, Ms L Cunningham, Mr A Priest, Mr J Nicholson & Mr S Henderson

Visitors:                Mr M Craigie (Executive Manager, Transport Planning, SIC)


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.

8/17/2 VISITOR – Mr Michael Craigie – Executive Manager, Transport Planning, SIC

Transport Study Update - Mr Craigie gave an update on the transport study. After starting to collect data last November they are now moving on to the next stage of the study which is gathering data for the Outline Business Case. This will include all the costs and revenues including replacing old ferries, contracts, revenues and funding of the services. It will also include socio-economic figures. SIC will be looking at future projections for this study rather than past trends as the economy has grown considerably in the past few years. The value of a sustainable economy will factored in and vehicles being left behind are still being logged for each sailing. This could also help with the case for an increased Monday service. They are currently waiting to hear from Transport Scotland if there will be any funding available to help with the costs of these studies.

11.30pm ferry - The trial of the 11.30pm ferry for the duration of the winter timetable is very welcome and YCC would like to thank ferries dept for implementing this. However, YCC query if this could be extended for a 12 month period to show a true picture of usage.

Festive timetable – YCC would like to check that bus and ferry timetables match up over the festive period as last year a bus arrived 5 minutes after the ferry left and the next ferry was 2 hours later.

Smart cards – the bus and ferry services will be getting smart card technology which will include any reduced rate fares. This is coming from Transport Scotland and will go onto the buses first, quickly followed by the ferries; this should happen within the year.

Yell Show day ferries – Members queried the collection of fares on the extra ferries on 2nd Sept, Mr Craigie to look into sea staff collecting the fares as normal and offsetting the revenue from the hire charge.


Cllr R Thomson and Mr M Craigie left the meeting at 8.20pm


 8/17/3 MINUTES

17th July 2017 –with one small amendment the minutes from the July meeting were approved by Mr G Hughson & Mrs A Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website



British Red Cross has just launched a new outreach service in Shetland to tackle social isolation and loneliness, this service has funding for 2 years.




 FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Vending machine – SIC are looking into solutions for the ongoing vending machine problems.
  2. Later ferry – see above.
  3. Increased capacity – YCC request information on the ferry capacity figures now that the salmon production has increased. With extra fares and landing fees coming into the council, YCC feel that the Yell Sound ferry can afford the extra runs requested. This information will be fed into the transport study.
  4. Community Hire – Yell Show day, due to the timings of these ferries this may incur extra cost which may have to be passed onto the hirer.

FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Community Hire – Shetland Accordion & Fiddle Festival have requested a community hire ferry following the concert on 5th Oct, approved by Mrs Jamieson & Mr Hughson.

Action: clerk to contact ferries dept


5.2  ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Speeding in Mid Yell – the temporary speed detector has now been taken away from Sunnyside.
  2. Gutcher Approach Speed limit A draft order has now been received. YCC welcome this.
  3. Burravoe footpath – this has been added to the list of improvements for consideration for 18/19.
  4. Cullivoe Bridge – the proposed layout for the Cullivoe Bridge was received and noted.
  5. Road signs for Mid Yell – YCC request any road signs for the Sunnyside entrance to Mid Yell that might help to slow the traffic down on the approach as discussed at the July meeting.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept



A resident has contacted YCC about school bus routes; this has been forwarded on to the N.I. Councillors.



  1. GP/nurse vacancies – The GP post is being advertised again. A new district nurse/ANP will start work in September.
  2. Ambulance in Yell – there is still no Ambulance Coordinator for Yell. There is no rota system for the volunteers so the control room has to phone each individual volunteer until they get a responder. The lack of structure remains a serious concern.
  3. NHS24 response times – YCC request information on NHS24 response times for Yell and the number of issues experienced. No reply to date.

Action: clerk to contact NHS for update


5.5 CC CONSTITUTION – the new cc constitution was discussed and signed.



This item is to be held over until next month, land owners have now been identified.



YCC enquired if the phone box on the pier could be removed as it no longer works. BT has replied that they will fix it.


5.8 MID YELL POST OFFICE Mr Crossan, Cluster Manager Royal Mail replied to some of our queries from June. The sorting office is now at Sellafirth and Royal Mail are making new delivery cards for undelivered items, these will give other delivery options including leaving at local post offices, safe places and leaving with a neighbour.


5.9 MID YELL CHURCH/WAR MEMORIAL – no update to report.

5.10 ABANDONED VEHICLES – The Land owner for the cars and rubbish in Mid Yell have been notified. Cullivoe Hall car, still waiting for car details.

5.11 HOUSING – Mrs Jamieson to compile a list of questions/queries for Housing Dept visiting next meeting.

5.12 FESTIYELL – at the meeting on 3rd July an article was drawn up for the N.I. column of Shetland Times to see if there is any interest in FestiYell for the future, next FestiYell meeting 12th September.

Action: clerk to action as needed



2017/253/PPF New dwelling house in North-a-Voe, YCC welcome and support this application.



  1. Once again, many funding opportunity emails have been received.
  2. The Robertson Trust will be visiting Shetland on 14th September
  3. YCC 16/17 Year End accounts have now come back from VAS after checking, YCC to sign a copy and forward to SIC.



  1. North Isles Digital Forum meeting is being held in Brae on 23rd August, unfortunately no members are able to attend.
  2. Consultation on the costs of new energy solution, local events took place on 16th & 17th The consultation is open until 30th August and can be found at:
  3. The Scottish Fair Trade Forum is asking if there is any interest or involvement in Fair Trade in Shetland, Hannah Ross can be contacted via the website:
  4. Members agreed that the road report for the whole of Shetland should be put onto the YCC facebook page and not just the Yell roads as this may be more useful.
  5. The NHS Shetland Annual Review took place on 21st August, noted.
  6. There is an online survey for the Chronic Medication Service, the survey can be accessed via the following link:




8/17/10  OUTSTANDING BUSINESS – to carry forward

SLDP – Supplementary Guidance Onshore Energy





The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 18th September 2017 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm

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