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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 17th April 2017 at 7.00pm in the Westsandwick Hall


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr G Hughson & Dr M McDonnell

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk) & Ms F Browne (N.I Dev worker)


4/17/2 MINUTES

20th March 2017 –the minutes from the March meeting were approved by Mrs A Jamieson & Dr M McDonnell

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website



  1. North Isles Learning Partnership had a bid in for Shetland Community Choices but were not successful. YCC queried if this was due to population size but it was thought that folk voted more for Shetland wide projects instead.
  2. North Isles Learning Partnership is hearing about homophobic comments within the community and so are looking at doing some projects in schools to raise awareness.
  3. Sellafirth Hall is moving forward with their Awards for All application for the refurbishment project.




FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. C Hire invoice dispute – YCC have received a credit for one ferry hire and have paid the balance. The charge for 2 hires (2x3 hour block) in Oct 2015 has been accepted by YCC and has also been paid.
  2. Information request – YCC further request information on the number of vehicles being left behind at terminals, no reply to date.
  3. Vending machines – the vending machines are proving very expensive to maintain
  4. Meeting with Maggie Sandison – Mr Odie met with Maggie Sandison and discussed many ferry issues including the above and lack of communication, especially the dry dock of the Yell Sound ferry not being advertised. Ms Sandison apologised for road works being scheduled at the same time. She was unable to comment on why the annual maintenance takes longer than the Northlink ferry. YCC requests Maggie Sandison to organise a meeting with M Craigie and C Robertson as we have been trying without success for over a year.


FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Community Hire requests – 2 C Hire requests received for weddings, the first one on 15th July, the second on 30th September, both were approved by Mr G Hughson and Mrs A Jamieson. This takes the c hire requests for the year to 5
  2. Booking Office – As of 9th April the booking office started opening on Sundays, this appears to have been done with no consultation. YCC query the cost of this as the request for an 11.15pm ferry was rejected due to cost.
  3. C Hire pricing – members discussed the terms and conditions and pricing of the community hire ferries, they agreed to keep pricing the same.

Action: clerk to contact ferries dept and invite to next meeting


4.2 ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Loose grid – this is being fixed/replaced shortly
  2. 30mph in Mid Yell – this was brought up at the ASCC meeting on 25th Neil Hutcheson gave a road safety presentation but there was no time for questions. Mr Odie has invited him to give the same presentation at a YCC meeting.
  3. 20mph outside school this is still not complete


4.2 ROADS – Matters arising

  1. The 3 cattle grids in Burravoe have now been removed for use elsewhere.
  2. It has been noted that folk are driving too fast through Mid Yell, YCC request a speed detector to highlight this.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept


4.3  MID YELL CHURCH – although there was an article in Shetland Times asking for suggestions what to do with the war memorial no suggestions from the public were received, YCC would like to suggest that it is put into the Mid Yell church yard.



  1. GP/nurse vacancies – YCC are concerned about the time taken to advertise these posts. If a post is vacant for a long time it could make potential recruits query why it’s been vacant so long and put them off applying.
  2. Yell practice –are currently doing a survey to find out if patients are happy with the current prescribing/pharmacy service.
  3. Ambulance in Yell – the Scottish Ambulance Service is still looking for a replacement co-ordinator in Yell but has not been successful to date. YCC ask that the post be advertised as agreed at our meeting in February, we can then help via our Facebook page.



  1. 2017/012/MAR additional longlines at mussel farm, retrospective application, noted.




  1. VAS invoice for membership was received, approved for payment by Mr G Hughson and Mrs A Jamieson
  2. John Smith road grant 15/16, this had expired last month, but as the receipt had now been received members considered if this could still be honoured. Members agreed that it was too late to pay this grant as the time had expired.
  3. Receipts for Westsandwick Hall small grant and Burravoe Development Group small grant were received, payments were approved by Mr G Hughson and Mrs A Jamieson
  4. Whale Firth Men’s Shed start up grant which was approved in March, as this is a start up grant, payment should now be made.
  5. Whalefirth Men’s Shed to put in a tender for the picnic benches for sites around Yell




  1. HORSA building – it has been confirmed that the building now belongs to SIC and the site will be demolished in due course.
  2. Cars at Cunnister – Environmental Health replied that this was outside their remit as this was on private land.
  3. Lighting at Ferryview – residents have now received a letter stating that the lights will be replaced in the replacement scheme in due course.




  1. Clerk pay – the clerk left the room and members discussed the suggested pay increase from SIC, members agreed to this increase as of 1st Clerk to prepare paperwork to adjust the standing order. Clerk re-entered the room.
  2. SIC councillor elections – YCC will organise a husting event for the upcoming councillor elections. Clerk to liaise with candidates to find suitable date and time.
  3. Meeting dates – members looked at the meeting dates for the year and moved 2 of the meetings, clerk to distribute dates.
  4. Community Renewal Energy Project – Scottish Water had contacted YCC about a possible energy project which would produce energy for the Water Board and any excess could go into the grid. With YCC permission they could do a feasibility study to show the community benefit and income. Members agreed to be the starting group for this to get the feasibility study done but once the study was done, if the scheme was to go ahead then get another group to take it forward.
  5. Viking Energy CBF – needs a director for Yell CC. Mr Odie accepted the nomination for this.
  6. Lerwick Caravan Club – has asked community councils for support in asking SIC for a caravan and camping site. The proposed site is near the new roundabout by the new AHS. YCC support this.
  7. ASCC meeting – the future of ASCC was discussed at the meeting. There is a suggestion that there be a liaison person within SIC who deals with all emails. As so many emails to SIC staff either go unanswered or take a very long time to be answered members thought this might be a good idea.
  8. Digital Forum – the next Digital Forum event will be held on Saturday 22nd April with presentations from BT, HIE, Ofcom and EE.









The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 15th May 2017 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm

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