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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 18th September 2017 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr R Jamieson, Mr S Henderson, Mr J Nicolson, Ms L Cunningham & Mr G Hughson

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk) & Cllr R Thomson (ex-officio)

Apologies:            Ms F Browne & Mr A Priest.

Visitors:                Mrs Elsbeth Clark, Health Improvement Team


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.

9/17/2 VISITOR – Mrs Elsbeth Clark – NHS Health Improvement

Mr Odie thanked Mrs Clark for coming and highlighted all the concerns of the North Isles regarding GP, dentist, ambulance, nursing and recent press coverage stating that ANPs were to cover GP leave. YCC had recently received correspondence from NHS Shetland stating that there would be a project in the North Isles looking at all of these issues and how to tackle them. Everyone agreed that all 3 islands have different needs and it was important to recognise this.

This project will need input from the communities using a community development approach. Clerk to respond stating that YCC would like to be involved throughout. Unst have set up a Patient Participation Group, this is to make sure that the health centre was delivering the right services. YCC believe that a similar group would be very useful for this project.




Mr Odie told Ms Strachan & Dr Gardner about the YCC concerns: no permanent GP, NHS24, the ambulance service and the lack of ambulance coordinator.

Dr Gardner told members that if a patient needs to go to hospital then the GP must stay with the patient until the ambulance arrives, if the ambulance has to come from Lerwick then this takes a large amount of the GPs day which impacts on the rest of his appointments.

Unst now has an associate doctor in place.

NHS24 was discussed, this service works well on Scotland mainland and in busy areas. All calls from remote and rural areas get passed to the Highland Hub.

Ms Strachan told the meeting that a new nurse started on 4th Sept. She is currently doing inductions and will be working in the community and at the surgery.

It was reported on the radio that the Fire & Rescue Service will be training the retained fire fighters to be first responders.  There was concern raised that this would be additional training etc for a volunteer group and may affect retention and recruitment.

Mrs Jamieson will ask Yell Health Centre Support Group if they want to extend the group into becoming a Patient Participation Group or if a new group should be set up.


9/17/3 MINUTES

21st August 2017 –the minutes from the August meeting were approved by Mr G Hughson & Mrs A Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to ASCC, L&A, Finance, Police, NICWO and post on website




FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Vending machine – SIC are looking into solutions for the ongoing vending machine problems. Nothing further on this to date.
  2. Increased capacity – YCC request information on the ferry capacity figures now that the salmon production has increased. With extra fares and landing fees coming into the council, YCC feel that the Yell Sound ferry can afford the extra runs requested. This information will be fed into the transport study.


FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Meeting request – YCC would like to invite Mr M Craigie and Mr C Robertson to a YCC meeting.
  2. Northlink –– Concern was raised that with the Streamline traffic all travelling on Northlink ferries there are capacity problems, there are some dates next year that are already fully booked on the Northlink passenger ferry and there is not enough capacity on the freight ferry. These boats are no longer big enough and need replacing with larger ones.
  3. Show day ferries - there were additional problems with this run. The SIC who had changed the hire from community to Charter, did not take bookings or collect fares. The fares were collected by the Yell Show and £385 was given to the CC. The second crossing was cancelled, it was reported that many Mainland people did not try to attend the show as they could not get bookings. The situation had been made worse with the Viking Festival on in Unst the same day. We need a long term solution for days of increased social activity in the North Isles to allow more Mainland Shetland visitors to attend.

Action: clerk to contact ferries dept


4.2  ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Burravoe footpath – this has been sprayed and the surface is being scraped back to make it smoother.
  2. Road signs for Mid Yell – YCC request any road signs for the Sunnyside entrance to Mid Yell that might help to slow the traffic down on the approach as discussed at the July meeting. No reply to date.
  3. Move signs – YCC request that the ‘Mid Yell’ sign at the Sunnyside end is moved out to the cattle grid as this may encourage folk to slow down.

ROADS – Matters arising

  1. Subsidence - there is some subsidence on the road from the Hillend cattle grid to the shell dump and on the north road out of MidYell, between the cattle grid and the lower bend.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept


  1. GP/nurse vacancies – The GP post has been advertised again with a closing date of 15th
  2. Ambulance in Yell – there is still no Ambulance Coordinator for Yell.
  3. NHS24 response times – YCC requested information on NHS24 response times for Yell and the number of issues experienced.NHS24 Services Manager replied detailing the response process and assured YCC that all calls had been handled within the nationally agreed target response times

Action: clerk to contact NHS for update



Nothing further on this to date.


4.5 MID YELL POST OFFICE – Mrs Jamieson is speaking with Alistair Carmichael about the lack of Post Office in Mid Yell.


4.6 MID YELL CHURCH/WAR MEMORIAL – no update to report.

4.7 ABANDONED VEHICLES – Mid Yell, the land owner is speaking to the car owners and is clearing the rubbish. Cullivoe cars, Mr Henderson has arranged to get these taken away.


4.8 HOUSING – The list of questions were compiled but did not get to the Housing dept in time so YCC will request a meeting in the future.

4.9 FESTIYELL – the advert for the meeting was missed from the Shetland Times so has now been re-scheduled for 3rd Oct at 7pm in Sellafirth Hall.

Action: clerk to action as needed



No new planning applications received.



  1. Once again, many funding opportunity emails have been received.
  2. A cheque was written for the hire of Westsandwick Hall for the July meeting.
  3. Clerk expenses of £28.37 for stamps and dividers were paid.



  1. Member Resignation – YCC received a resignation from member Dr Mike MacDonnell.
  2. Clerk resignation – YCC received the resignation from Mrs J Lyth. Members agreed to advertise with a closing date of 6th
  3. Patients Rights Survey received, details can be found at:
  4. Energy Advise wrote and asked if they could come to a meeting, clerk to invite them to the November meeting.
  5. List of defibrillators – YCC received a list of defibrillators but there were many that were not on the list.
  6. Low emission survey - received and noted, details can be found at:
  7. IJB advert – the IJB are looking for service user representatives. The advert was displayed at the leisure centre and online.
  8. Isleshavn staff shortages - It was reported that Islehavn has had to close 2 beds due to staff shortages.
  9. By-election – by-election paperwork was received and will be advertised locally.
  10. Recycling Community Engagement – the recycling team are looking to do presentations to local groups to help engage the community with the forthcoming recycling throughout Shetland and to answer any questions that folk may have. YCC suggest local halls, stepping out and youth clubs.
  11. Recycling bins – the recycling signs outside Burravoe Hall show bottles and tins but there is no can bank in place.
  12. Hire Halloween – as this is a very busy event, YCC request an extra crew member for this run.








The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 16th October 2017 in the Westsandwick Hall at 7pm

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