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OPEN :- Our Peer Education Network

Peer Education

describes a range of initiatives where people of similar ages, backgrounds, culture and/or social status educate each other about a variety of issues.   

What the project does

The project addresses some of the principal problem issues for young Shetlanders focusing on drugs and alcohol, harm reduction and 'legal highs', and on sexual health and wellbeing.

How the project is delivered

The project is delivered mainly through school workshops and youth clubs, by trained volunteers (aged 16-25 years) engaging with groups of young people. 

The project team

Una Murray Saul Day Wayne Leask Natasha Watt

Una Murray
Project Coordinator

Saul Day
Project Coordinator

Wayne Leask
Peer Education Trainer

Natasha Watt
Peer Education Trainer


The Project won the organisation category of the Shetland Youth Volunteering Awards.

The Project was presented with the Volunteer Friendly Award in April 2013.

Volunteer Experiences

“I have been volunteering with OPEN for 7 months now. I have gained experience and information that will benefit me in the future. I enjoy learning new things every week, and like the social side of the training and meetings, which is good to meet new people and make friends. I hope to continue learning more and have more involvement with the public and young people through my volunteering at OPEN.”  Johan (14)

“I have been volunteering for OPEN for about 8 months. I have really enjoyed it so far because I like learning new things, and it has also given me the chance to meet new people. I hope to continue gaining more skills, knowledge and experience, which will be good on my CV.”  John (21)

End of Year Report

Please download the OPEN Peer Education Project End of Year Report 2016

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