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Highlighted Volunteering Opportunity: Two this week

Young Scot

Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards
Delivery Panel: Closing date 16th September


We are looking for three volunteers aged between 11-26, who have a passion for celebrating young people and developing their own skills.

To apply you must have the flexibility and commitment to travel to meetings throughout 2017-2018. Please note all expenses will be covered.

As part of the Sunday Mail Young Scot Delivery Panel you will be influencing all decisions relating to the 2018 Awards. Young people are at the heart of Year of Young People 2018, and this role will put you at the heart of the decision making of the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards 2018.

  • Working with the wider Delivery Panel of Young Scot and Sunday Mail staff
  • Supporting the selection of performers and VIPs for the night
  • Planning the look and feel of the night including themes and decoration
  • Supporting the communications plan for the awards to get the widest audience possible
  • Helping split and share the planning and delivery responsibilities for the evening
  • Making sure all decisions are made with young people in mind.

The Delivery Panel is key to ensuring the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards 2018 are the best ever.

Becoming a member of this panel will help you develop lots of new skills.

  • Influencing Others
  • Events Management
  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Planning and Organising
  • Leadership
  • Creativity

Experience Required

You don’t need to have any skills or previous experience; just your time and interest in the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards

Minimum Age



All travel expense paid


Shetland Carers Centre

Respitality Scheme
Admin Volunteer


To liaise with the Support Worker in order to offer free short breaks to unpaid carers in Shetland. 

This will involve matching the preferences of carers who have signed up with the respitality scheme to the breaks that have been donated by local business.  The admin volunteer will then contact carers, by telephone or email, to offer them short breaks from the ones that have been donated.

We want the break to be as seamless as possible for the carer so want everything organised prior to the event - This is the role of the admin volunteer, to ensure everything is in place for the short break to happen.

This role involves sending out letters to the carer to confirm details of their break and also to the gift provider to confirm the details of the carer accepting the break, including time and date etc.  Templates are used for both.

There will be an opportunity for the admin volunteer to arrange publicity for any of the respitality short breaks which can include the local media as well as our own website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Experience Required

Pleasant telephone manner, must be able to use Word and Excel and email.


Minimum Age    18


Travel expenses paid

For further information on these opportunities please contact: 

Kathleen Williamson, VAS Volunteer Placement and Support Worker
01595 743910 kathleen.williamson@shetland.org


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