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Photography Group  


The group meets at Trondra School at 2pm on the third Tuesday of the month.  We choose 11 themes per year,  eg it was “Landscapes” for February 2014.  We used to go out occasionally as a group to find examples, but the weather sometimes defeated us.  

 As we each use different image editing software we can compare the different techniques available.  We use prints and slideshows to demonstrate our efforts and welcome gentle criticism.

We exchange information about events and exhibitions of common interest and enjoy the social experience of meeting together.  If you wish to join us for a taster, check out the list of topics below for a theme of interest to you and ring Maureen on 01595 880372 for directions.


Topics for 2018

January Geometry
February Flight
March Churches
April Skylines
May lichen
June Door Knockers
July Pavements
August Cakes
September Roof Tops
October Steam Engines
November Bruck


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Take a look at some of the October 2013 project photographs !




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