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·         Peak season is 1 May – 31 Aug, Low season 1 Sept – 31 April.
·         Overnight stays:  £11.00 per person per night.  Minimum of 6 persons.  This figure includes electricity - there will be no separate charge for this.
·         Day hire: £45.00 per day.  No advance bookings during peak season unless cleared by committee.  No half day rate.
·         Linen and Bedding:  £7.00 per person per week.  Minimum hire £7.00.
·         Towel hires £2.00.
·         Meeting hire: Requests for meeting hire to committee.   Cost depending on hours and purpose of use.  No advance meeting hires during peak season.
·         Group hire for tents requiring access to indoor centre facilities.  Only permitted providing minimum booking hire of 6 persons at £11 per person per night is met.  £11 per person for anyone staying in the Outdoor Centre.  £5 per persons per night for anyone camping outside but accessing facilities inside.
 No charge for individuals camping and not using facilities.  Large groups of campers are not encouraged.  Any groups camping may be asked to move if the Outdoor Centre is booked and in use.

NB:Patrons are responsible for their own personal insurance.

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