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What is a Children's Rights Officer?

  • Someone who can tell you what rights you have
  • Someone who is there for you
  • Someone who speaks up for you
  • Someone who listens to what you have to say and respects how you feel
  • Someone who is independent; they do not work for the council or your carers
  • Someone who will come and visit and work with you to enable you to share your views or resolve any issues related to your rights

What are Children's Rights?

  • They make sure that you are treated fairly
  • They make sure that adults are making  decisions in your best interests
  • They make sure that adults listen to what you have to say
  • They make sure that you have contact with your family when this is possible
  • They make sure adults tell you what rights you have

What can the Children's Rights Officer do for you?

  • Give you information and advice about your rights and responsibilities
  • Help you to represent your views at meetings
  • Listen to and take seriously what you have to say
  • Help you to put forward your views on services for young people
  • You will receive a Children's Rights Pack.  This will provide you with information on services and other issues in relation to your rights


Who can use the Children's Rights Service?

Any young person can contact the Children's Rights Service themselves who needs support.

  • Looed After Children 
  • Care Leavers
  • Children involved with Child Protection Services
  • Children and Young People who need support



Why might I need a Children's Rights Officer?

  • When you think that no-one is listening to you
  • When you need help to say what you think at different meetings like reviews or hearings
  • If you have problems at school or with your parents/carers
  • When you want to find out more information
  • If you need help to understand and explain decisions made about you
  • If you need help to write letters or make a complaint about the service you are receiving

What the Children's Rights Officer won't do

  • Put words in your mouth
  • Take sides
  • Pass on anything that you have shared in confidence without your permission, unless you or someone else is at risk of harm
  • Pressure you into saying something you don't want to


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