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Citizens Advice Bureau

Independent local charity offering free, confidential impartial advice on debt and consumer issues, benefits, housing, legal matters, employment, immigration, relationship and family issues.
Telephone: (01595) 694696,  Fax: (01595) 696776
Email: sicab@shetland.org
Shetland CAB website

SICAB is a member of Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), CAS website


Your legal obligations and rights when renting, buying or owning a home, plus information about Council Tax, what to do if you're homeless and where to get help if you have a housing dispute

GOV.UK housing and local services website

Shetland Island Council Housing Department

Provide local authority housing and housing advice. You can apply for SIC, Hjatland Housing and Housing Benefit here.
Tel.: (01595) 744360
Fax: (01595) 744395
Email: housing.department@sic.shetland.gov.uk
SIC Housing Website

Hjaltland Housing Association

A Housing agency providing homes for rent and shared ownership. Information on Rural Home Ownership Grants (RHOGS) is available.
Tel.:  (01595) 694986
Fax:  (01595) 692229
Email: mail@hjaltland.org
Hjaltland Housing Association Website

Shetland Tenants Forum

Supplies information to tenants and residents in Shetland and can help you with tenancy and landlord issues.
Tel.:  (01595) 695197
Fax:  (01595) 695197
Email: joann@shetlandtf.plus.com
Shetland Tenants Forum

Shetland Islands Council Finance (Revenues)

Deals with housing benefit claims, council house rent and council tax.
Tel.: (01595) 744603
Fax: (01595) 744661
Email:  finance.services@sic.shetland.gov.uk
SIC Website on Housing and Council Tax Benefits

Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections Division

Provides crofter housing advice to registered crofters and administers the croft house grant scheme: Crofting tenure requires the crofter to provide their own house although they do not own the land on which the house is built and this can preclude access to conventional forms of housing finance. The purpose of the Scheme is to improve and maintain the standards of crofter housing with the aim of attracting and retaining people in the more remote areas of the Highlands and Islands. 
Tel.:  0300 2449599
Fax:  0300 2449598
Email: sgrpid.lerwick@scotland.gsi.gov.uk
Scottish Government Website

Shetland Heatwise

Provides practical energy saving services throughout Shetland.  Free surveys and advice and assistance with insulating homes and other buildings.
Shetland Heatwise Website

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